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Santa Rosa Library Advisory Board Regular Meeting

Sonoma County Library
Wednesday, March 27, 2019
7:00 p.m.
Rincon Valley Library
6959 Montecito Boulevard
Santa Rosa, CA  95409

In attendance:  Sarah Laggos, Nancy Persons, Cynthia Denenholz, Bruce Hartman, Christine Bell, Commissioner Karen Schneider, Friends President Sarah Swearingen, Public Services Manager Lana Adlawan, Branch Manager Kate Keaton, Rincon Valley staff member Meher Kavarana-Siegle.

    Meeting called to order at 7:02 p.m.
  1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF September 26, 2018, January 30, 2019
    Nancy Persons made the motion and Bruce Hartman seconded the motion. Approval for both sets of minutes was unanimous
    There were no Public Appearances.
    There were no special announcements or introductions.
    1. Election of new LAB chair
      Sarah Laggos was nominated new chair of the LAB and accepted the nomination.  All in favor: 6, Nayes: none
    1. Expenditure of Santa Rosa LAB funds to support All-LAB meeting
      A motion was presented by Sarah Laggos that the LAB contribute $500.00 (the entire LAB budget for the year) to support the All-LAB meeting scheduled for June 2019. Bruce Hartman seconded the motion and it was passed unanimously.
    6.1 County-wide Library Advisory Board meeting update
    Discussion of this item occurred before the vote (5.2) was taken. A planning meeting was held on Monday, March 18th.  The Santa Rosa LAB was asked to contribute $500.00 for the county-wide meeting. The meeting is planned for Saturday, June 1st from 8:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. This meeting will be held at Sonoma County Library Headquarters in Rohnert Park. Staff will be meeting with a professional facilitator (Sam McBain) to help set up the meeting. She will also help build the agenda. Commissioners, Library Administration, Branch Managers and LAB members will attend. There will be another planning meeting held soon.

6.2 City Representative to Library Advisory Board
Sarah Laggos reported that she had an email conversation with Jack Tibbetts. He was planning on coming to the meeting.  He also volunteered to meet with the LAB members outside of the meeting.



7.1 Youth Members’ Report
Christine reported that, since the fires and the recent activities, there has been a decrease in attendance at children’s and teen programs. The librarians are now using EventBrite to help promote programs and the recent Valentine’s program was very well attended. Through grant funding, Ozobots are now available at the Lego program and the children are having a lot of fun with them.  Ozobots help children learn about coding and coding, in general, is becoming more popular. At the most recent Magic the Gathering (card game) program for teens, ten kids showed up. This was the biggest attendance so far and it is probably growing due to word of mouth.


7.2 Friends of the Santa Rosa Library Report
Sarah Swearingen reported that she recently attended a district-wide meeting with county Friends groups and the Foundation. She also distributed flyers for the April 5-8 Book Fair, and noted that the Friends no longer called these events Faires. Book dealer sales have slowed way down but the Friends continue to utilize online sales. They have a dealer with Amazon’s Outlet. They also use Thrift and Better World vendors for the less valuable books, sell any items valued over $20.00 and make several thousand dollars per year with each. The Friends currently have a big collection of Peanuts books that will be available at the next book sale. Sarah then announced that the Friends have recently given Northwest Library $3700.00 to purchase a Lucy statue (from the Peanuts collection).


7.3 Library Commissioners’ Report
Karen reported that she has recently visited the Central Santa Rosa Library, Northwest Library, Sebastopol Library and the Guerneville Library.(Her appointment covers both Santa Rosa and the County of Sonoma). She attended the farewell event for Susan Hildreth and the welcome event for Ann Hammond. She is still looking for a nominee to the Measure Y Committee and is hoping for someone who lives west of the freeway but will broaden her search for prospects. This is a super-important role. The committee meets three-four times a year to review Measure Y revenues and expenditures.

  1. 7.4 Library Director’s Report
    Lana gave the report for the director and let all know that Ann Hammond sends her regrets.  Sonoma County Library is excited about National Library Week which is April 7th-13th. In some locations, Councilmembers and other elected officials will participate in story times.  City proclamations will be issued. That week is also National Volunteer Week and National Library Workers Day is Tuesday, April 9th.
  3. On Saturday, April 13th, there will be an Outreach Training available to LAB members and Friends at the Central Library.  A trainer from Sacramento will be conducting the workshop that runs from 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
  5. On the agenda for the April Commission meeting is a fundraising report by Library Strategies (consultants who prepared the report). This report contains information about the efforts to fundraise and how all the groups associated with the library system can work better and more efficiently.

The search continues for a temporary location for Roseland Library as well as a permanent site. Once a temporary site is found, it will take the library about six months to get it ready. The Roseland branch advocacy group plans to attend the April 9th meeting of the Santa Rosa City Council. This meeting is a budget planning meeting. We hope to have 5-7 speakers at this meeting.  The City of Santa Rosa and the Board of Supervisors are still pushing for the Roseland Village project and key pieces are finally getting preliminary approvals.

  1. 7.5 Feedback to Branch Managers’ Reports
    LAB members were thrilled to hear that Sonoma County Library now offers access to the New York Times. They would love to hear about new databases at upcoming meetings as well as being reminded of databases we already have. They asked about recent outreach efforts happening at the Rincon Valley Library. Meher responded that staff promotes library cards, educator cards and databases. Bruce commented on how libraries are changing their function in the community and that libraries are becoming community centers. He wondered if the new director would continue this trend. Lana said that we are responding to community needs and following our Strategic Plan. Karen Schneider added that libraries are finding new ways to serve communities. Nancy Persons added that, some years ago, “Libraries Build Communities” was the theme at the ALA conference. Bruce observed that society generally does not have the same kinds of places for people to gather (such as granges or churches) as in the past. He noted that there was a void and hadn’t thought of the library filling that void but not a lot of places are stepping up to do that. Nancy Persons also noted that, at SRJC, they have added seating and changed the policy about noise levels to meet the needs of the students. This serves to make everyone feel more welcome. Meher added that, at Rincon Valley Library, students pour into the library after school for internet access and other activities. They really enjoy the tables that library staff have covered with paper. This allows students to draw and express themselves. Christine added that the Central Library had been used for filming by students who were working on projects. Programs are also very popular and Sonoma County Library has recently expanded the SAT classes to the rural stations (Forestville and Occidental). When and if possible, the library will continue to expand this program and the AARP tax preparation program.

7.6 City Council Liaison Report
There was no report. 


    The meetimg was adjourned at 7:55 p.m. Next meeting: Wednesday May 29, 2019 at Roseland Community Library. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2019
7:00pm - 8:00pm
Time Zone:
Pacific Time - US & Canada (change)
Rincon Valley Library
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