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Santa Rosa Library Advisory Board Regular Meeting

Sonoma County Library
Wednesday, January 30, 2019
7:00 pm
Central Santa Rosa Library
211 E Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

In attendance: Library Advisory Board: Chair: Nancy Persons, Members: Christine Bell, Bruce Hartman; Sarah Laggos;. Ex-Officio Members: Commissioner David Cahill, Commissioner Karen Schneider, Public Services Division Manager Lana Adlawan, Central Branch Manager Kate Keaton, Northwest Branch Manager Lara Mayelian; Friends President Sarah Swearingen. Absent: Members: Marlen Chavez: Ex-Officio Members: City of Santa Rosa Councilmember Jack Tibbetts.  Members of the Public: Cynthia Denenholz, Andrea Meyer

  1. CALL TO ORDER 7:03
    LAB members discussed whether a meeting could be held since we do not have a quorum.  According to the By-laws, a quorum is 5 members. Commissioner Cahill proposed that the meeting be adjourned. Others proposed that the meeting be held but the LAB not act on any action items.  Members decided to go ahead with the second proposal.
    No vote was held due to lack of a quorum.
    There were no Public Appearances.
    New commissioners David Cahill and Karen Schneider introduced themselves.
    Nancy Persons discussed her efforts in looking into partnerships between the SRJC libraries and Sonoma County Libraries. Nancy is currently the liaison to the ESL department and is working to make students in the ESL program feel like the library is their place. She is looking into creating a collection of children’s materials so students at the JC can borrow materials for their children. Nancy has spoken with SCL staff about building these collections. She has also spoke to Alisa Adams, who is with our Literacy Program, about presenting Family Literacy Evenings. Briefly discussed was the need for childcare for many of these programs. It was suggested that she contact La Luz to find out how they handle that problem. Right now, funding is good at the JC so they are also looking into child-size furniture as well. Bruce Hartman asked if the library had a curated list of recommended titles for this program. Nancy said that both Alisa and children’s librarians have provided lists.  Library staff then discussed the idea of the public library doing library card drives at these events and promoting our databases.

7.1. Youth Members’ Report
Christine reported on some of the activities at the Central Library. She reported that the hublets are very popular in the Children’s Room. She also reminded the LAB members of the City Schools library cards – the program where all students in some of the school districts in the County (including all Santa Rosa City Schools) have a library account unless their parents ask to opt out. This program allows many students easy access to library materials and these accounts do not accrue overdue fines.  Christine then reported on some of the clubs that the Central Library has including the Lego Club where attendance does seem to be dropping.  However, staff is now adding coding elements to this program. Some other favorites are the Anime Club and the Magic the Gathering Club. This sparked a discussion about Anime at other locations as well.  All in all, anime is a big hit in the libraries.

7.2. Friends of the Santa Rosa Library Report
In December, the Friends group gave $57,000.00 to the four Santa Rosa Libraries as well as History and Genealogy. Money will go to materials and programs and H&G will continue with their digitizing and oral history projects. Northwest Library has already put some of their money to good use with their Sustainability program.  The next book sale will be in April and will be at the Veteran’s building. Finally, Sarah added that the Friends will be participating in the adult Summer Reading Program by making coupons for a free book from the Friends supply available as a SRP prize. 

7.3. Library Commissioners’ Report
David Cahill reported first and brought up several points. He talked about confusion with Robert’s Rules of Order. He also talked about the current vacancies on the board and hoped that we could move quickly to fill vacancies. Sarah Laggos shared that she thought it might be best to wait until after the County-wide LAB meeting as, after that meeting, the role of the LAB members would be better defined. Next, David talked about the Measure Y Oversight Committee. He shared that the committee meets four times a year and oversees expenditures of Measure Y spending. Measure Y monies can only be used for some functions not all library spending. He can appoint one person to this committee and is looking for the right candidate.
 Karen Schneider reported that she was also looking for a representative to the Measure Y Oversight Committee. She wants to be sure that there is diversity on this committee. One of her goals is to visit every branch and every LAB in the county since her appointment covers the whole County. Karen then shared her background. She is the dean of the library at SSU. She has worked in higher education for nine years and started her career in public libraries in New York. She loves libraries and has been very active in the American Library Association.

7.4. Library Director’s Report
The Library Director was not present but Public Services Division Manager Lana Adlawan delivered the Director’s Report. She began by mentioning that we can celebrate now that we have a full commission.  Ann Hammond, our new director begins on March 11th. She is returning to California as she has worked for both Alameda County and Sand Diego before going to Kentucky. Roseland is set to be demolished later this year and the library is seriously considering two store fronts in the Food Maxx Shopping Center. That site is 5000 square feet. The library is also considering the expansion of time. Possibilities include 42 hours, 48 hours or 54 hours a week and would definitely include afternoon hours. A lease is being worked on and then the new site could open six months after that. This site would not be permanent but would probably be open for five years and that will give the library time to work toward a permanent site. The Board of Supervisors did vote to give the library $250,000 of the $500,000 set aside for the development of a library and Boys and Girls Club at the planned Roseland Village development. And, at a recent City council meeting, ten speakers spoke in support of the City of Santa Rosa giving financial support to the Roseland Library. .Lana also mentioned that the City of Santa Rosa is creating a downtown development task force and the library is hoping to get library staff involved. This report ended with a discussion of Measure Y funding and what are appropriate uses of Measure Y funding. David added that the spirit of the funding was for programs, services and increased hours.

7.5. Feedback to Branch Managers’ Reports
LAB members were curious about the new One-on-One tech support that the libraries are currently giving.  Northwest does their program on Monday nights and can have from 2-4 people a week. Central  does theirs on Thursday afternoons and have found that it can be time-intensive for people not familiar with technology.  People can book up to thirty minutes of help.  Rincon Valley is starting their tech help in February. Nancy Persons asked if the libraries had a Chat component to the on-line support. The public libraries do not and Nancy commented that, at the SRJC, they do have that option and people use that more than phoning in questions.  Bill reported that he had received a call that morning from someone looking for help teaching an iPad class and asking for recommendation for good databases. He was happy to share many of the library databases and the interaction went very well.

7.6. City Council Liaison Report
There was no report

    A review of follow-up responsibilities for members and staff.
    Items for next agenda include:
    Approval of Minutes of September 2018 and January 2019
    Election of Chair of LAB
    Update on all-LAB planning meeting
    City Representative to the LAB
    The meeting was adjourned at 8:13 pm. 
    Next meeting: Wednesday November 28, 2018

Wednesday, January 30, 2019
7:00pm - 8:00pm
Time Zone:
Pacific Time - US & Canada (change)
Central Santa Rosa Library
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