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Healdsburg Library Advisory Board — December Meeting

Minutes (Pending Approval) — Sonoma County Library — Healdsburg Library Advisory Board
Thursday, December 5, 2019, 4:30 PM — Healdsburg Regional Library

1. Call to Order & Introductions. The meeting was called to order at 5:32 p.m. In attendance were LAB members Becky Goodsell, Barbara Rosen, Carolyn Harrison, and Paul Grill; Library Commissioner Andy Elkind; Healdsburg City Council Liaison Shaun McCaffery; Library Public Services Division Manager Sarah Vantrease; and Healdsburg Library Branch Manager Jon Haupt.

2. Approval of Minutes of the Previous Meeting. The minutes of the September 2019 meeting were approved.

3. Public Appearances. There were no public appearances.

4. Discussion Items
4.1 Seeking new LAB members. Paul explained that he had the idea of reaching out to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and potentially other organizations with the idea of recruiting members for each LAB across the county. He brought up the idea outside of the LAB meeting but felt he had hit a wall. There are no guidelines as to how LAB members are recruited. The LAB members pondered other potential Latinx Healdsburg residents who may be interested in attending meetings, given that approximately 40% of the community speaks Spanish primarily at home. Several names were mentioned. The Library does send information to Los Cien whenever there is a LAB opening throughout the County. A suggestion of placing an information table in the library lobby was mentioned (Would you like to join the LAB?) Another person suggested the idea of directly asking residents to come to a LAB meeting and offer a public statement or taking a statement in video form and bringing that to the meeting. Finally, the group noted that one of the “homework” items brought from the All-LAB meeting was that LAB members should attend other groups around town and learn about what’s happening in the community so that all other groups don’t have to attend the meeting to make a difference; the group agreed that this would be a good way to bring information from the Latinx community in the meantime while the group is underrepresented in the LAB. Other underrepresented groups were also mentioned, such as the shelterless community, as a group whose voice needs to be brought to the LAB.
4.2 Refresh & building considerations. Although the City continues to consider the idea of building a new mixed-use facility with a library on the bottom floor, the Library will move forward with its interior refresh plans. Given what we know now, the most likely time that the library will be refreshed is Fall 2020.
4.3 Election of LAB Officers for 2020. Tracy Logan was elected Chair for 2020; Becky was elected Vice Chair for 2020. According to the Bylaws, the LAB elects new officers at the September meeting and they immediately take office; members may prefer a system involving an election late in the year with a calendar year term.
The group decided to revisit the Bylaws and the timeline for officer elections and terms at the upcoming March meeting.

5. Reports
5.1 Library Director’s Report. The LAB was sent copies of the Library News report sent out from the Library Director as this month’s report.
5.2 Commissioner’s Report. Everything was turned a bit sideways by the fires, evacuations, etc.; the Commission retreat had to be rescheduled to January. The retreat will be focused on what the role of the Commission is. There was a discussion about historically what has happened with the Commission; the ideas of focus on fiscal stability, long-term big picture thinking of the Library heading in the right direction, and advisement for the Director were mentioned as roles.
5.3 Branch Manager’s Report. Jon mentioned a few new items available at the library, such as the Chromebooks now available in addition to the Wi-Fi Hotspots. There are several events of note in the coming weeks, such as a repeat tamale workshop that is already booked full as well as a joint meeting of two book clubs, the regular Brown Bag book club as well as the Canon book club, which are reading and discussing Walden this month—the Sonoma County Reads title for this year. The Healdsburg Library will be offering a Community Coffee in 2020 on Thursdays, offering patrons an opportunity to meet other community members, talk to staff and learn about new services while having free coffee and pastries.
5.4 Friends’ Reports. No reports were offered.
5.5 City Council Liaison Report. Next City Council meeting will include a change in Mayor/Vice Mayor. The Council is looking at new ways to do affordable housing. A needs assessment for parks is wrapping up. A joint city council/school board meeting is coming up, talking about shared spaces like sports courts, etc., and a communication protocol of how to coordinate efforts related to emergencies—flooding, fires and smoke, and the like with regard to school closures. This week there is an appreciation dinner for City staff for emergencies as well as a Senior appreciation dinner at the Villa on Sunday.

6. Other items. There were no other items.

7. Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 5:45 p.m.

Upcoming Meetings

The Thursday meetings of the Healdsburg LAB for 2020 will be: March 5, June 4, September 3, and December 3. All Meetings begin at 4:30 PM in the Healdsburg Regional Library, Forum Room.

Thursday, December 5, 2019
4:30pm - 5:30pm
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Healdsburg Regional Library
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