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Sebastopol Library Advisory Board Meeting

The Sebastopol Library Advisory Board meets on the first Wednesday of February, April, June, August, October, and December at 4 p.m. Location: Sebastopol Regional Library Forum Room, 7140 Bodega Avenue, Sebastopol, 95472


Final Minutes Approved 8/7/2019
Sebastopol Library Advisory Board Meeting
June 5, 2019, 4:00 p.m.
Location: Sebastopol Regional Library, Sebastopol, CA 95472

Present: Walt Frazer, Helena Whistler, Daniel Judd, Stephen Zollman (Library Commissioner), Mathew Rose (Sebastopol Regional Library), Lana Adlawan (Sonoma County Library Public Services Division Manager), Sue Fujita (Friends of Sebastopol Library), Michael Carnacchi (City of Sebastopol Liaison)

1. Walt Frazer, Vice-Chair, called the meeting to order at 4:00 pm. Due to lack of quorum, no action was taken.


2. Public Comment: none.


3. Announcements: Ms. Whistler shared information on the Library Foundations June 8 fundraiser: Books and Brews.


4. New Business:  

4a. 5 minute parking and drop box: Update provided to the LAB on current proposal and initial recommendation of Sebastopol Police Chief.

4b. Strategic Plan Subcommittee: Mr. Zollman and Mr. Judd will review strategic plan elements 1 and 4 (Customer Experience and Community Engagement). Ms. Adlawan shared activities of Library Administration on updating the strategic plan: a consultant RFP is posted for the next iteration of strategic planning. Administration’s report in the last 10 months to the Library Commission provided an update on the plan activities to date.

4c. Discussion of City bond measure for new library – Mr. Carnacchi reported that the topic was addressed at City Council on June 4, 2019. Discussion included pursuing LAFCO designation and inter-jurisdictional challenges for pursuing a bond measure. Mr. Carnacchi heard the recommendation that the City revive the ad hoc committee to address this topic.

4d. All LAB Meeting – The All LAB Meeting discussion was shared. Official notes from the meeting are forthcoming. Highlights include: making presentations to the Library Commission, connecting with the community and being a conduit to and from the Commission, being advocates, be more ready to advise Library Admin. More All LAB sessions are being scheduled for later this year.

4e. LAB expenditures: 2018/2019 LAB expenses were contributed to the All LAB meeting. Ideas on expending these funds for next fiscal year could be developed earlier in the fiscal cycle.

4f. Present to the Library Commission: Presentation is being worked on. Doing a presentation that shares a typical month at the Sebastopol Regional Library – so much going on! Tie to the strategic plan, highlight patron comments, and note the strong support we have from City Council. A 10 minute presentation could happen in August.

4g. LAB input on library events, direction, strategic plan – The patron comments are great to have. Discussion on the courtyard/fountain area was discussed. Asking about refurbishing that area for teens could be a topic of future discussion. Remove fountain? Make it a planter box? Seating in the area? ADA issues? What could go in a planter box? What do our youth think? How to involve Public Works in the discussion? To discuss at the next LAB meeting.


5a. Commissioner Report: Mr. Zollman discussed that the Bond for new facilities needs to be broached and moved forward. He recommend the LAB agenda be flipped: Focus more on the activities and communications of the LAB members. Will want a lot of LAB input on the strategic plan.

5b. Administration Report: Ms. Adlawan remarked on the Fund Development Manager recruitment taking place. Furniture funding is in the works for next year. The strategic plan and Books and Brews information was reiterated.

5c. City Liaison Report: Mr. Carnacchi reported on the proposed City budget for 19/20, as well as a discussion at the City Council meeting regarding a Bond for city buildings. The proposed budget has a $10,000 line item for library signage.

5d. Youth Report: Fiona Hynes graduated and resigned from the LAB. Mr. Judd reported he has been talking up Summer Reading and raising awareness about library happenings. Could a teen only e-news letter work? Discussion of how teens use social media  (Instagram and snapchat). A suggestion that Mr. Judd share with the LAB how teens use social media at a future LAB meeting to improve communication with teens.

5e. Branch Manager Report: Mr. Rose reported on Summer Reading and Lunch at the Library.

5f. Friends of Sebastopol Library Report: Ms. Fujita the quilt raffle being held this summer. She shared dates of the upcoming booksale and plan to table at the Farmers Market jointly with the library and LAB. The officer elections took place at the May annual meeting.

5g. LANTERN Report:  LANTERN is working with an architect on an engineering feasibility study. Results from the survey are still being collected.


6. Agenda Items for Next Meeting: August 7, 2019 at 4:00 pm at O’Reilly Media Inc. 1003 Gravenstein Hwy N, Sebastopol, CA 95472

Approve of April and June Minutes

LAB expenditures

Social Media for and by youth

5-minute Parking spots

Fountain and Courtyard area

Presentation to the Library Commission

Patron Comments



7. Additional Public Comment: none

8. Adjournment at 6:00 pm


Reported by Mathew Rose

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4:00pm - 6:00pm
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Sebastopol | Forum Room
Sebastopol Regional Library
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