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Sebastopol Library Advisory Board Meeting

The August 7, 2019, meeting takes place at Tarsier Room, 1005 N. Gravenstein Highway, Sebstopol, California

The Sebastopol Library Advisory Board meets on the first Wednesday of February, April, June, August, October, and December at 4 p.m. Location: Sebastopol Regional Library Forum Room, 7140 Bodega Avenue, Sebastopol, 95472

DRAFT Minutes
Sebastopol Library Advisory Board Meeting
August 7, 2019, 4:00 p.m.
Location: O’Reilly Media Inc. 1005 N. Gravenstein Hwy, Sebastopol, CA 95472

Present: Mary Shiff, Jennifer Hunter, Walt Frazer (from 5:00 pm), Ralph Johnson, Helena Whistler, Daniel Judd, Stephen Zollman (Library Commissioner), Mathew Rose (Sebastopol Regional Library), Lana Adlawan (Sonoma County Library Public Services Division Manager)

1. Mary Shiff, Chair, called the meeting to order at 4:00 pm. Agenda approved and April and June 2019 meeting minutes were approved.


2. Public Comment: none.


3. Announcements: Helena Whistler announced The Sonoma County Library Foundation Chocolate and Cinema event taking place on August 22. Tickets are $35 and available through brown paper bag.


4. New Business:  

4a. LAB expenditures: Discussion of potential uses of LAB expenditures included supporting future All LAB meetings, hosting or contributing to an open house, supporting a mentorship or internship program.

4b. Social Media for and by youth: Daniel Judd shared insights into social media. Discussion about Instagram and snapchat included recommendations to use stories and highlights. Demonstration of these features to be made at the next LAB meeting.

4c. 5-minute Parking spots: Mathew Rose provided an update on his understanding of the request for a 5-minute parking spot for easy book drop off. The LAB will send a letter endorsing the idea of a 5-minute parking space on High Street near the book drop.

4d. City discussion on redevelopment of the area between Library and Senior Center– Two members of the City Council convened a discussion for stakeholders that rely on the N. High Street parking lot. Stephen Zollman reported on the meeting: The City sees many needs and intends to bring many stakeholders to discuss possible solutions: bonds? Broader initiatives? Joint fundraising/funding efforts? Our next steps are to touch base with representatives spearheading the discussion to get more details and offer the LAB to be a vehicle to receive public input. The topic will be a standing agenda item for the LAB. An idea of the LAB performing a survey was suggested, but would need more collaboration with those spearheading the idea.

4e. Fountain and Courtyard area– . Mr. Rose shared some ideas about the fountain in the courtyard between City Hall and the Library. He reported that the fountain may not be the best use of electricity, water, and other resources. Ongoing maintenance is required to keep unsightly calcium deposits off the bricks. If the pump breaks, there are costs associated with repairing it. Some alternatives for that site that have fewer issues could be using the space as a planter, perhaps a short tree to provide shade. Due to a similar situation at another library that did not go well, Mr. Rose wanted to solicit LAB feedback. Feedback included: the fountain is a lovely thing and attracts young kids who enthuse about watching the water. If the library is ever expanded, that space may be repurposed anyway. It could be a great spot for a community developed art project (youth led?) instead of a planter. Perhaps a gazebo? Public art project? Regardless of what comes of that spot, a shade cloth covering the space between the Library and City Hall would greatly improve the entrance, fountain area, and seating. If the fountain remains, a recommendation that it be run with a 24V solar pump was made. The LAB offered to run a survey to gauge public sentiment. Mr. Rose will consult with colleagues at the City to determine if a survey would be useful.

4g. Presentation to the Library Commission – Walt Frazer, representing the LAB, presented to the Library Commission many of the things that make Sebastopol Library unique. Mr. Frazer was congratulated for doing a fantastic job. Mr. Zollman recommended future efforts involve more people in the editing of the presentation, highlight progressive efforts, and highlight stances the LAB has taken as a voice of community input on the topic of technology.

4h. Patron Comments – LAB sought clarifications and made recommendations on patron comments, including on: blue light, new self check machines, fines, step stools. The use of patron comments was discussed: they provide valuable information, but we want to ensure we respectfully and appropriately use the information we collect.

4i. LAB Elections and Bylaws review – Mary Shiff was elected Chair and Walt Frazer was elected Vice-Chair. On a motion made by Mr. Frazer, the bylaws were amended to read: “The Board shall hold bi-monthly meetings in February, April, June, August, October, and December.” The motion was adopted on a unanimous vote.

4j. LANTERN Survey – LANTERN will be conducting more surveys in the coming week. Results will be requested for the next LAB meeting.


5a. Commissioner Report: Mr. Zollman discussed the importance of multidirectional feedback – LAB to Commission and Admin, Commission and Admin to LAB. Discussed the importance of partnerships, and the success of the Roseland Coalition using the Profile of Sonoma. Discussed Sonoma County Resiliency. Shared the importance of partnerships that align with many/any to forge strong networks. Shared the outcomes of the All LAB Day and how they didn’t land. There was a need for more clarification on deliverables. Next steps are being developed. The next iteration of a Strategic Plan are progressing. Mr. Zollman would love feedback and input. Mr. Zollman shared highlights of a meeting with Mr. Judd, which included several topics: mentorships, social media use, Kahn Academy. Mr. Judd will share notes of their meeting.

5b. Administration Report:  Lana Adlawan shared appreciation for all the work of the LAB, which helps focus and shape efforts like Measure Y, volunteer efforts, a sense of system-wide belonging with a local community lens. Ms. Adlawan shared the Strategic Plan would be very community focused and hope the LAB will be heavily involved. She shared updates for the Sebastopol Regional Library to take place before the end of the year: New chairs for the reading room, new rugs and seats for the children’s area, hand dryers in the restrooms, a hydration station to replace the drinking fountain, and an art hanging system for the forum room. Summer reading ends on August 10 and over 42,000 books have been read so far. The Meet the Director series of programs launched in Roseland and offers a great opportunity for the public to engage with Ann. The IT strategic plan was discussed at the most recent Commission meeting, and proposes IT be proactive. In the past fiscal year, patrons logged over 250,000 computer sessions at their libraries. Exterior signage is being reviewed with long term aesthetic values in mind. Sebastopol’s exterior signage will be part of that big picture planning. Ms. Adlawan highlighted a few library values: Civility and gratitude. We are a respectful and caring institution.

5c. City Liaison Report: none.

5d. Youth Report: Mr. Judd shared ideas of a mentor project. He will prepare a social media presentation for the next meeting.

5e. Branch Manager Report: Mr. Rose reported on the Lunch at the Library program, the program slate for August to December, and shared that Rosalie Abbott won the California Library Association Young Adult Services Award.

5f. Friends of Sebastopol Library Report: Ms. Shiff shared that the booksale runs from August 7-10, 2019.

5g. LANTERN Report:  Mr. Rose reported that LANTERN will be conducting surveys next week in the library.


6. Agenda Items for Next Meeting: October 2, 2019 at 4:30 pm

Social Media and Youth Demonstration


City Parking Plan

Strategic Planning discussions

Meet the Director event February 5, 2020



7. Additional Public Comment: none

8. Adjournment at 6:10 pm


Reported by Mathew Rose

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