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Cloverdale Library Advisory Board


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Cloverdale Regional Library Advisory Board

Cloverdale Regional Library 401 N. Cloverdale Blvd.

August 20th, 2019

Regular Meeting

6:00 pm


The meeting was called to order by Jane Snibbe at 6:05 pm.

Board members in attendance: Jane Snibbe (Chair), Reece Foxen (Library Commissioner), Susan Clark (FoCL President), Annie Mahon, Richard Greene, Bob Cox, Carol Russell, Miguel Gonzalez, and Joel Smith. 

Other attendees: Marta Cruz (City Council Liaison), Sarah Vantrease (Public Services Division Manager), Robert Parmenter (Cloverdale Branch Manager), Donna Romeo (Cloverdale Teen Librarian).


Minutes of the May 21st, 2019 meeting will be submitted for approval.

Minutes approved as written


An opportunity for members of the public to address the Board. Comments should be limited to three minutes.



4.1  Marta Cruz - Paying the vendor for iREAD lunch

Councilwoman Cruz provided background for $250 funds dedicated to outreach and how it was spent. She has been reimbursed as of 8/20/2019.


            5.1  Fixing line of sight when exiting library driveway

Discussion was held regarding how difficult, and potentially dangerous, it can be to pull out of the library driveway during times of the day.

Susan Clark proposed the red zone needs to go down further along the street as well as the olive tree needing to be moved or trimmed.  Carol Russell mentioned that the street crossing marking in this area are not properly marked.  Jane Snibbe recommended the olive tree be removed entirely. 

Recommendations submitted to city contact will be to extend red zone (to include entire length of library property) and remove olive tree.        

Another idea was shared of making the area a shuttle stop. Joel proposed a study, such as Safe Walk to School. 

            5.2  Susan Clark - Report on the All LAB Day         

The All-LAB Day was held on June 1st.  Susan remarked that library headquarters was quite impressive.  Lots of time was spent talking about what the commission does, what the LAB does, and what staff do.  Susan commented that staff should increase efforts to inform the LAB of what’s going on within the library system.  LABS should be apprised of large-scale changes such as going fine-free.  A potential solution was shared wherein branches schedule overlapping Friends and LAB meetings where admin gives presentation during last 10 minutes of one and the first 10 minutes of the other.  It was recommended that labs go to city council meetings and that our bylaws should be online.  Another half-day all-LAB meeting will be happening in fall.  Carol commented on current onboarding procedures and how it would be nice to have more a structured consistent process.  Carol has volunteered to help create some of these materials. 


Updates given by the following individuals. All reports are for discussion only.

6.1 Library Commissioner’s Report

Commissioner Foxen reported that more hotspots are being ordered due to how successful they are.  The process of forming committees for the Commission is currently underway and she has been elected Chair again.  Deborah Doyle will be vice chair.  A new location has been found for Roseland that is much better.  The new location will have more space and won’t be shared with another organization.  It is also near schools and on a bus route as well.  In closing, Commissioner Foxen proposed that some reflection should be done on how to spend this year’s $500. 

6.2 Library Director’s Report

Public Services Division Manager Sarah Vantrease shared from the August Director’s Report. Topics included:

  • SCL’s Summer Reading Program has concluded for 2019 and was a great success with excellent participation.  Over 42,797 books were read by library patrons!
  • Fines and fees are still a hot topic at the library.  Overall, we have had excellent positive media coverage and feedback.
  • Meet the Director is underway with the first session attracting 42 community members at Roseland on July 18th
  • Technology and Infrastructure projects continue, including a $2.1 million refresh project at Petaluma Regional Library in 2020 and smaller projects elsewhere system wide.
  • Computer usage is up at the library with almost 250,000 computer sessions tracked at library branches for this last fiscal year.

6.3 City Council Liaison’s Report

City Council Liaison Cruz reported on her participation in the All-LAB event as well as some recent outreach collaboration with Donna Romeo.  Currently she is working with the history center to host on “trashion” fashion show.  This show will use refuse and used fabrics to create fashion and will be part of the spring fashion show in 2020.  City Council Liaison Cruz concluded by pledging her support that the city manager would address the concerns discussed earlier and asked that previous requests to repair the cracks in the library walk path should be reprocessed. 

6.4 Branch Manager’s Report

Robert Parmenter shared a little bit on what’s been happening at the Cloverdale Regional Library.  Topics included:

  • YA -Comic book drawings with Brian Combs was very successful with 13 attendees. DIY Spa with Lindsey Hunter is always well attended and received. We had a full class that day with 10 participants.
  • The iREAD program with Landpaths was a huge success with 33 participants. Donna and Marta Cruz trekked outside and read along the way. This program ended in eating lunch and meeting an arborist.
  • As part of the Summer Reading Program, Donna reached out to the Boys and Girls Club and read to two groups each week with a consistent attendance between 30-40 kid.
  • We hosted Lunch at the Library in collaboration with the Redwood Food Bank. This fluctuated in attendance, but overall it was a hit. We served almost 360 meals to children over the course of the summer.
  • Health Center outreach (Senior read aloud) continues to be a popular event as well. There are typically 11-13 attendees.
  • As part of Summer Reading, we increased the number of summer storytimes to four a week for the entire summer. This seemed to help with our summer lunch program, and it helped promote our summer reading afternoon activities.
  • The addition of the Lakeshore Marketplace (purchased through summer reading grant monies) has been a hit with children. It is a magnet for activity.
  • John continues to review books monthly for the Cloverdale Reveille, highlighting picture books, easy readers, graphic novels, novels, and more.
  • September will see us doing an “S is for Space” storytime in conjunction with the library’s contact with the International Space Station that will take place in the last week of September –early October.
  • The library system is having an art contest for a poster to promote the event and children are entered into a contest to win a large telescope.

6.5 Friends of the Library Report

The Friends hosted a successful Chamber mixer on July 18th with the Friends providing hors d'oeuvres.  About 25-30 people were in attendance and a good presentation of library resources was shared.  Work has started in preparation for the book sale, which will be held October 2-5.  Susan shared they need people to help set up, work as cashiers, and take it down.  Discussion was held on whether we wanted to use the blender bike.  The Friends will also be tabling at Octoberfest and trying to schedule a quilt show in the library from end of Sept to Thanksgiving.  The next Friends meeting is September 17th at 4pm.

6.6 Youth Members’ Report

Miguel commented on how school is starting up again and how it’s a great time to get people to come into the library.  He discussed how social media good for getting the word out but best way to get people coming in is to form a connection with them.  School visits especially are a great way to do this. 


An opportunity for members of the Advisory Board to present brief factual information, respond to public comments, place items on the next agenda, or to request information from the Library Commission, Director or the Branch Manager.

City Council Liaison Cruz says more promotion for free lunch will be needed next year. 

Joel says we should look up alternative promotional methods besides flyers because paper gets stuffed in backpacks and forgotten.  Marta says next year good opportunity for the Kiwanis to potentially be involved. 

Commissioner Foxen stated that she’d like us to reflect on our strategic plan as LABs will be asked to help with input on the future strategic plan. 



The meeting adjourned at 7:35pm

The next meeting is scheduled for November 19th, 2019, at 6:00 p.m.

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