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California Wildfires Story Project: Sonoma Fire Stories

California Wildfires Story Project: Sonoma Fire Stories

The 2017 fires wrote a new chapter in the lives of millions of California residents.  The scope, spread and fierceness of  the 2017 fire season, for the residents of Sonoma county; have sharpened our attention to the need to be and stay aware of ways to prepare for, and respond, to the threat of wildfires and other disasters that will surely come in the years to come.

We invite you to come and share a 30 minute reflection and stories about your experience of the fires last year, or in years before.  You can come to be interviewed or bring a friend, family member or colleague to have a conversation about your experiences and the lessons learned from these events. The interviews will be conducted using the Listening Station  recording kit developed by StoryCenter organization based in Berkeley.  Library staff and StoryCenter representatives will assist. 
Your recording will be stored as part of the California State Library collectionhttps://archive.org/details/storycenter.

Sign up today!  storycenter.org/sonoma-fire-stories-may2018


Rincon Valley Regional Library
6959 Montecito Blvd, Santa Rosa, CA

Monday, May 21, 2018
1:00pm - 6:00pm
Rincon Valley Library
  - Adult -     :: Community Engagement     :: History & Genealogy  

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