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Art Through History Book Club (ages 6-12)

Art Through History Book Club (ages 6-12)

Join us Thursday mornings from June 7th to July 26th as we learn about a variety of art forms through children’s books and artistic experimentation. Each week we will read together through a different picture book and have materials available to try out an art form featured in the book.

Come for just one week or for every event. Recommended for ages 5-105.

Week 1: Cave Painting   E Mordicai The First Drawing by Gerstein, Mordicai

Week 2: Chinese Brush Painting  E Look Brush of the Gods By Look, Lenore

Week 3: Egyptian Hieroglyphics E Clements Temple Cat by Clements, Andrew

Week 4: Mayan Ceramics The Hummingbird King

Week 5: Illuminated Manuscript Brother Hugo and the Bear

Week 6: Impressionism Monet Paints a Day

Week 7: Modern Art : Roy’s House  Lichtenstein

Week 8: Kids Folk Art  Galimoto  

Thursday, July 12, 2018 Show more dates
11:00am - 12:00pm
Sebastopol | Forum Room
Sebastopol Regional Library
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