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Santa Rosa Library Advisory Board



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Wednesday, January 25. 2017

7:00 p.m.

Central Library – Board Room

Attending: LAB – Nancy Persons, Barbara Fisher, Cynthia Denenholz, Marlen Chavez, Frank Morabito. Library Staff – Brett Lear, Tracy Gray, Jennifer Duran, Kate Keaton, Angelina Cacioppo. Commissioners: David Ebright, Linda Garcia.  Absent: Diane Reyes, Josue Lopez, Ann Jicha, Santa Rosa City Council member


Nancy Persons, Chairperson called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

  1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF November 16, 2016

Minutes were approved with a few edits of typos.


An opportunity for members of the public to address the Library Advisory and Friends’ Boards; times are limited to 3 minutes and may be changed at the Library Advisory Board’s discretion.

No public appearances


Brett Lear introduced Angelina Cacioppo, the library community engagement coordinator Angelina shared a bit of her background which includes the California Afterschool Network and the Boys and Girls Club. She also has done a lot of marketing and grant writing in her career.


5.1  Input regarding Santa Rosa Libraries goals for 2017 including programs, services, and promotion - Branch managers will share their branch goals for 2017 and these will be discussed at the next LAB meeting.

5.2  Downtown Santa Rosa Parking – The parking issue was on the agenda because Nancy brought this up when she addressed the Commission at its January meeting. Library Commission said that they would welcome ideas for having free parking. Tracy reported that some downtown businesses issue a 1 hour voucher. Bundles of 100 vouchers can be purchased for $63.75 ($40.00 for Chamber members). This is a big topic with merchants and there is often much discussion with some merchants advocating for no charge but this is a revenue source for the City of Santa Rosa. There may be possibilities for a business to underwrite. Some LAB members felt that they didn’t have enough information about the extent of the problem so are not sure if we should proceed on this. The library may follow up for funding for volunteers and Friends.

5.3  Planning and Facilitating Community Conversations at Santa Rosa Library Branches to discuss the next phase of expanding hours at each specific Library and meeting the needs of each community with these hours -  Angelina will explore what is needed in each community. She will facilitate meetings at each location with LAB help. Angelina indicated that the community meetings would be held in Late April and/or early May. At this point, this input will come from these community meetings.  This will be open to all ages and this can be shared with schools. These meetings will allow the community to tell us what they want and it will also allow the library to tell them what we have. A survey will be available online and in written format.

5.4  Review of the bylaws for the meeting date change – Several changes to the by-laws were noted concerning the new meeting days. Then, as LAB members further reviewed the minutes, they realized that more changes would be needed as well. This will be addressed at an upcoming meeting.

5.5  Update on Roseland – Linda Garcia reported on recent activity. There is a group called the Roseland Coalition that is trying to raise money from the community to help build the library. One question is who would take the money and hold it. The new building will house the Boys and Girls Club and the Roseland Community Library on separate floors with the library ideally being on the ground floor. An architect has been picked as well. The Roseland Library is anticipated to be about 8,000 square feet; the entire building is estimated to cost 3.5 million dollars. We will still need to see what the County and City of Santa Rosa will contribute. There was an appearance at a recent City Council meeting to just request a place in the upcoming budget. The City of Santa Rosa does have a flowchart of the Roseland annexation on their webpage.


Reports and updates on library governance, management, programs, services and support group activities as well as City Council matters. All items are for discussion only.

  1. 1  Youth Members’ Report –  Marlen reported on the program  “Read the Book, Meet the Birds” at the Central Library. The process for this program is for the librarian to pair up with a community  organization, find a book to tie in with the organization’s purpose, and then find a teacher with whom to collaborate. The book that was read was H is for Hawk. Participants read the book and then attended this program which had birds of prey present. Marlen reported that teens found it very interesting and very interactive with the book. She added that this program added depth to the book. Marlen thinks that teen programs facilitate teens’ search for knowledge and this is a good thing that the library does.
  2. 2  Library Commissioners’ Report – Linda Garcia talked about some of the big issues that the Commission is currently addressing. These issues include the new positions, the Facilities Master Plan and a permanent Roseland Library. David Ebright agreed and said that the Commission wants to move very quickly on many of these but they also recognize that this is public money and want to do this properly. The Finance Committee of the Commission must approve the borrowing from the reserves until Measure Y money comes in.  The Commissioners finished their reports by saying that they admire all the work that the libraries are doing.
  3. 3  Library Director’s Report – Brett Lear talked about the importance of getting libraries open on Mondays. The library is hiring and has so far received 500 applications for 30 positions needed to open on Mondays.  He also said that the library was looking into how to allocate an anticipated $10-12 million a year. The ELT (Executive Library Team) is meeting five days a week as they work on this. Brett also talked about a possible collaboration with the City of Santa Rosa to create a computer lab that would be at all four Santa Rosa Libraries. This would be partially funded by money that had been for the community media center that is now closed. The City is interested in creating educational and technological components around this. The library sees a lot of potential in this project and is exploring it further.


  1. 4  Feedback to Branch Managers’ Reports – Tracy Grey announced that Central Library will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary on February 26 from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. A proclamation will be read at the Santa Rosa City Council on February 14th and both commissioners plan on attending that meeting. Cynthia wanted a bit more detail about the homeless situation at Central and Northwest Libraries. Both libraries reported that they now have morning patrols by a security company and, some days  there seems to be a bit of improvement.
  2. 5  Friends of the Santa Rosa Library Report – Frank Morabito talked about the change in management at the Vet’s building. A bid has been put out for another organization to run the building. In light of this uncertainty, the April book sale has been cancelled. The smaller sales will continue and the next sale is scheduled for March 3-5th. The smaller sales bring in very good money without overhead expenses. Frank reported that the mini-sales had brought in $39, 294.00 total.  Frank plans on meeting with the Fair management and Susan Gorin soon to see what options there are for future sales at the Fairgrounds.
  3. 6   City Council Liaison Report – no City Council Liaison. There will be a change in this liaison.

An opportunity for Members to present brief, factual information about their library, respond to public comments, place items on the next agenda, or request information from the Library Commissioners, Director or Branch Managers.

No information


A review of follow-up responsibilities for members and staff.

Santa Rosa Libraries will distribute branch goals for 2017 to LAB members in advance of our next meeting

Review of the by-laws (to change them for meeting on the 4th Wednesday instead of 3rd  and other changes as needed).


Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Next meeting: Wednesday, March 29 : Location Central Library Board Room

Wednesday, January 25, 2017
7:00pm - 8:00pm
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