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Santa Rosa Library Advisory Board


Sonoma County Library

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

7:00 pm

Rincon Valley Library – Forum Room

6959 Montecito Blvd.

Santa Rosa, CA 95409

In attendance: Library Advisory Board: Nancy Persons, Barbara Fisher, Cynthia Denenholz, Diane Reyes, Ann Jicha, Frank Morabito; Ex-Officio Members: Tracy Gray, Acting Library Director and Central Branch Manager, Jennifer Duran, Rincon Valley Branch Manager, Linda Garcia, Library Commissioner; Absent: Library Advisory Board: Marlen Chavez, Josue Lopez,  Ex-Officio Members: Kate Keaton, Northwest Branch Manager, David Ebright, Library Commissioner, City of Santa Rosa Councilmember


Chair Nancy Persons called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm.

  1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF March 29, 2017

Minutes approved.


An opportunity for members of the public to address the Library Advisory and Friends’ Boards; times are limited to 3 minutes and may be changed at the Library Advisory Board’s discretion.

No public appearances.


This meeting marked Ann Jicha’s last meeting as a Santa Rosa Library Advisory Board Youth Member.  All the members present thanked Ann for her insightful contributions to the LAB and wished her well as she transitions from high school to university.  Diane Reyes shared details of Northwest Library outreach visit to Burbank School’s end of year Open House.  This visit was coordinated by Children’s Librarian Kim Popenuck.  All students received a bilingual take-home form inviting students and parents to visit the Sonoma County Library during first 10 days of summer.  The flyer has a space for the Librarian to sign.  All students returning this form to school when school starts in August will be invited to a Root Beer Float Celebration the first week of school.  

    1.  Approve edits and changes to LAB Bylaws.

The March 2017 revision of the Santa Rosa LAB Bylaws were approved.


No discussion items.


Reports and updates on library governance, management, programs, services and support group activities as well as City Council matters. All items are for discussion only.

  1. Youth Members’ Report

Ann Jicha and Marlen Chavez co-drafted a list of the benefits of a Teen Advisory Board. 

  1.  Increasing the group of teens would broaden the scope of perspectives.  We have done what we could to advocate for the library, but more teens from more schools in the area and who regularly visit different branches would help greatly.
  2. An official board could add more structure to the system.  In our time here, the role of the LAB has evolved and this could help focus our portion of it.
  3. Reports could be more involved through divided labor and thereby more useful.
  4. Teen groups can be used for a variety of programs to staff events and complete library projects.  They can work as a functioning unit to decorate teen areas,advise on teen programs, and do all the necessary jobs in a more efficient way.
  5. It would make it easier to advertise programs to other teens.  

It is recommended that Sonoma County Library increase teen interaction out in the schools.  There is a Youth Outreach Coordinator position that is under consideration for hiring in fiscal year 2017-18.  The job description is in development and will need final approval by Library Commission. The majority of the work of a Youth Outreach Coordinator will be constant connectivity between all schools in Sonoma County and Sonoma County Library.   

  1. Library Commissioners’ Report

Linda Garcia thanked Tracy Gray for transitioning in as Acting Library Director on May 20.  The Library Commission announced Brett Lear’s resignation as Library Director at the May 1 Library Commission meeting.  Brett Lear’s last day was May 19.  Tracy Gray will be Acting Library Director until mid-July while the recruitment for an Interim Library Director is begun.  The Interim Library Director will be recruited for a 6 month term.  Once the Interim Library Director is in place in mid-July, the recruitment for a permanent Library Director will commence during those 6 months.  The Library Commission is working toward final approval of position description for permanent Library Director.  The fiscal year 2017-18 budget has been approved; however, position descriptions for new positions will need further discussion by Library Commission, and future costs for OPEB obligation and CalPERS costs need further discussion.  First funding from Measure Y is anticipated in mid-July.  Commissioner Garcia assured that all sources of funding are still needed by Sonoma County Library acknowledging the continued and welcome support of all Friends of Library groups within Sonoma County Library.  She also stated the Sonoma County Library is not in a position to take on new obligations related to library buildings.  Linda Garcia acknowledged the tremendous effort it took Sonoma County Library staff to recruit new staff to get the libraries open on Mondays.  The Library Commission will evaluate the 9:00pm closing on Mondays and Wednesdays at November’s meeting.

  1. Library Director’s Report

Tracy Gray shared she walked with staff in the Rose Parade.  The Sonoma County Library float won first place in the non-profit group category.  Newly appointed as Acting Library Director on Saturday, May 20, during her first full week she has expanded the internal management team, paid invoices, met with division managers to get filled in on division work, sent staff an update, met with Library Commissioners Linda Garcia and Helena Whistler regarding Roseland Community Library, reviewed organizational charts, and attended some Friends’ group meetings.  

  1. Feedback to Branch Managers’ Reports

Some of the LAB members attended the Community Conversations held at all Santa Rosa libraries and gave some feedback on what they heard community members share regarding further expansion of hours.  The online and print surveys will be collected through the end of July.  Community Engagement Coordinator Angelina Cacioppo will sort the data per branch and send the results to the Commission.

  1. Friends of the Santa Rosa Library Report

Frank Morabito shared the fall book sale will be returning to the Veterans Building due to extension of contract for next two years at same price.  The fall book sale will run over the weekend of October 6-October 9, 2017.  The Friends raised $90,000 dollars for Santa Rosa branch libraries, Adult Literacy, and History and Genealogy departments this past fiscal year.  The Friends are looking into the blue boxes popping up again at various shopping sites.  These are not Friends of Libraries donation boxes.  

  1. City Council Liaison Report

No report, City Council Liaison absent.


An opportunity for Members to present brief, factual information about their library, respond to public comments, place items on the next agenda, or request information from the Library Commissioners, Director or Branch Managers.



A review of follow-up responsibilities for members and staff.

  1. Move the Friends of the Santa Rosa Libraries Report to 7.1. on future LAB agendas.
  2. Look at upcoming new positions.
  3. Look at items of priority e.g. teen services.
  4. ADJOURNMENT—Next meeting: Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Central Santa Rosa Library, Branch Report

The Santa Rosa Wednesday Night Market invited the Downtown Library to participate in the Kids Area of the market.  The Children’s library staff will bring stories, puppets, and crafts to the market on May 17, 31, June 14, 28, July 12, 19, and August 9.

Monday, 5/1 at 10:00 a.m. opening one of our regular patrons came in, celebrated, and said, “I’ll be back later.  I just wanted to come celebrate with you at opening!”

So far, Monday door counts:

Central 5/1: 321

Central 5/8: 367

School tour event:

On April 7th, Children’s librarian Kim Dargeou had a school visit of 58 students from Wright Charter School.

Kim later received a booklet of letters and drawings from each student with notes, including from the teachers:

“Dear Miss Kim, Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job at showing our students the library. You made it informative, but also very fun. I know our students will want to return to the library and show their families what they learned!”

Branch Manager Tracy Gray and Supervising Librarian Phil Hoeft are currently interviewing candidates for an Adult Librarian position, which was vacated when Phil Hoeft was promoted to his current position.

Kerri Bailey, I.T. department and Catherine Greco, Graphics department led the SCL parade float efforts for the May 20th Rose Parade.  Steve Alcorta, Kim Dargeou, Lisa West, Angelina Cacioppo, Tracy Gray, two of our Teen volunteers and one of our Friends of the Library volunteers participated in the parade.  The Santa Rosa Friends of the Library and Library staff had a booth at the celebration in the new square, which took place after the parade.  Kiyo Okazaki and Kerri Bailey also participated at the booth.

Branch Manager Tracy Gray was appointed Acting Director of the Library beginning Saturday, May 20th.  She will resume that position until an Interim Director is hired.

May 22, 2017

Northwest Regional Library, Branch Report

The biggest news this period is that the library is now open on Mondays. Things have started out a little slow on Mondays but there is complete agreement that people are thrilled to be able to visit their library on a Monday. Our Monday stats are: 817 (May 1). 789 (May 8), and 987 (May 15).

We have welcomed two staff members to the Northwest Library. We have added a library specialist who will go full-time in July but is currently working 25 hours at our branch. This staff member, Rocío Linares, was actually promoted from library aide and is already a valuable bi-lingual member of the staff. We have also added a library aide to replace Rocío and our new aide, Robert Rose, has also proved to be a great asset. We will be increasing Rocío’s hours and adding another librarian in July.

Kim has been very busy with Headstart groups and school groups who always schedule end-of-the-school year visits to the library. We have also hosted two Tinker Thinker programs presented by the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County.  Kim also hosted a “Hang Out Café” one afternoon. Tweens (people ages 9-12) were invited to learn how to make healthy snacks. This program was a big hit!

Looking ahead, we are gearing up for summer reading. This year, all age groups will have a bingo card to fill out. We will also be participating in the REFB Lunch program in June and July.

Our refresh date is still not set but the library recently filled our Facilities Manager position and we look forward to working with Dave Tichava during our refresh. He learned a lot from the past refreshed and will be invaluable in keeping us sane!

May 19, 2017

Rincon Valley Library, Branch Report

We are pleased to welcome five new staff to Rincon Valley Library.  Teen Services Librarian, Lara Mayelian (Reference); Library Associate, Meher Kavarana-Siegle (Reference); Library Specialist, Kelly McLennon (Circulation); Library Specialist, Emma Wallace (Circulation); and Library Aide, Larry Donovan. 

Our community is so happy we are back open on Mondays.  So many people stop by on Mondays to share they are visiting because they can.  The slower rate of return has been with our high school and middle school students yet with a steady increase each Monday afternoon this May.  We are very pleased to share that as of this past Monday, May 21 the reading room was filled with just as many students as any of our other afternoons Tuesday-Thursday with many students working in groups preparing for finals coming up last week in May.  Our Monday door counts have been: May 1--415; May 8--382; May 15--500; May 22--453.

A lot of the hustle and bustle in our branch this month of May is the constant return of library materials. May, August and December are the months of the year when we find more of a percentage of our library materials back on our shelves and at times shelving in certain collections in the building is tricky due to little to no room.  This spring and end of summer and holiday cleaning in the homes of our patrons is short lived.  Usually within the first couple of weeks in each month that follows is a return to more robust checking out of materials.

Also in May is the final weeks of the school year and several schools contact us to plan end of year class visits.  Some of the grade school teachers have a long standing tradition to plan this visit this time of year.  Our Youth Services team, Ana Dawe and Lara Mayelian, have been doing outreach to the schools.  Ana has been visiting school assemblies to promote our annual summer reading program.  Lara has been teaming up with other Teen Services Librarians in SCL to speak with faculty at Montgomery High School and Roseland Collegiate Prep.  She also has been shadowing long-time Teen Services Librarian Rachel Icaza who has created a banned books presentation that she brings into the classrooms of the middle and high schools in many parts of Santa Rosa throughout the school year.  

We are excited about the annual summer reading program.  Signups at all Sonoma County Library locations begins the week of June 5 and the theme is “Build a Better World.”  SCL has created a reading challenge for every age from early childhood to school-age to teen to adult, and everyone earns prizes along the way and chances to win raffle and grand prize drawings.

May 25, 2017

Roseland Community Library, Branch Report

Roseland Community Library now has completely new staffing. We have hired Jacqueline Martinez as our 40 hour/week librarian and she has been at the Roseland Library since late April. Marlene Vera (our 20 hour/week library associate) and Marcos Soriano (20 hour/week library specialist) are finishing up training and both will be at Roseland by early June. All bring a strong commitment to customer service and the community.

I do want to thank our regular staff who have been filling in prior to these new hires:  Ana Dawe, Jenny Fernandez, Donna Hoover (now retired), Celma Luster, Kim Popenuck, Judith Rousseau and Linda Selover. These dedicated staff members were hugely committed to the Roseland community and threw themselves whole-heartedly into establishing a place for the library in the community. I also want to thank the managers and supervisors who have been so generous in lending us some of these staff members: Joe Cochrane, Bill Coolidge, Jennifer Duran, Tracy Gray and Janet Loegering.

Jackie has spearheaded our outreach efforts on Cinco de Mayo where staff talked to over 400 people. Jackie has also visited Roseland Elementary School for a Family Tech Night and for a community outreach night. And, Jackie and Kim Popenuck presented a couple of Headstart nights at the Roseland Library as well.

Roseland Library is also preparing for summer reading. A coding class will be offered to children (registration is required and attendance is limited. Roseland will also continue with its Read to a Dog program and bilingual family story times on Saturdays.

May 19, 2017

Wednesday, May 31, 2017
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