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Santa Rosa Library Advisory Board Regular Meeting


Sonoma County Library
Wednesday, September 26, 2018
7:00 pm
Rincon Valley Library
6959 Montecito Ave.
Santa Rosa, CA 95409

In attendance: Library Advisory Board: Chair: Nancy Persons, Members: Christine Bell, Cynthia Denenholz, , Bruce Hartman; Sarah Laggos; Diane Reyes. Ex-Officio Members: Public Services Division Manager Lana Adlawan, Central Branch Manager Kate Keaton, Northwest Branch Manager Lara Mayelian; Friends President Sarah Swearingen. Absent: Members: Marlen Chavez: Ex-Officio Members: Interim Director Susan Hildreth, City of Santa Rosa Councilmember Jack Tibbetts.

  1. CALL TO ORDER 7:03
    The Minutes of July 25th were approved
    There were no Public Appearances.
    Nancy Persons announced that she will be stepping down from being the Chair after the November meeting. Dianne Reyes also announced that has to step down. Bill Coolidge announced that Retired Children’s Librarian Laura Wright passed away on Sunday September 23. A new Chairperson will need to be elected at the next meeting in November
    •  Recruitment of new members
      • Diane Reyes mentioned that at her school they have staff meetings and she will make an announcement to see if any teachers would like to be on the LAB. She will also make an announcement at Family Engagement Coordinators’ meeting. Bruce Hartman wondered if there has been any progress on getting any librarians to make announcements when they do outreach or programs. The Library is also working on an announcement for the main area of our webpage. Lara will send a recruitment template to the branch managers to post and will email it to the LAB members as well. Nancy Persons will promote the LAB to various individuals at the JC that she knows. It was mentioned that there is currently no Commissioner to appoint Santa Rosa LAB members.

7.1. Youth Members’ Report-None

7.2. Friends of the Santa Rosa Library Report
Friends Board President Sarah Swearingen talked about the Friends of the Santa Rosa Libraries Book Faire at the Santa Rosa Veterans building. She will send a pdf. of the flyers to all the LAB members. In December The Friends will hold a smaller Book Sale in the Forum Room of the Central Library. The big Book Sales are generating less and less money. The book carts in the branches are among the strongest revenue streams. The Friends also make money selling books on Amazon. The LAB members brainstormed some fundraising ideas including getting book carts into local High Schools. The idea of promoting The Friends with a tri-fold brochure was brought up. Sarah also pointed out that The Friends can work with local teachers to get them books for their classrooms.

7.3. Library Commissioners’ Report
There was no Commissioner’s report as there was no commissioner present.

7.4. Library Director’s Report
The Library Director was not present but Public Services Division Manager Lana Adlawan delivered the Director’s Report. She began by presenting some highlights from Summer. The Lunch at the Library program delivered 5000 meals to hungry kids. 35000 people used the library last summer. 11,000 people participated in the Summer Reading program. Library Director recruitment opened on September 26th. With the hiring of Lana on August 20, there are now two Public Services Division Managers. The Library has also hired an Adult Services Coordinator. On October 1st the Library Commission will discuss what to do with the Measure Y surplus money. The Library Continues to look for a better space for the Roseland Branch. Two possible options will be reported on at the November Commission meeting. The History and Genealogy and the Adult Literacy Departments have both been moved to the Central Library while the Annex is being renovated. The Library anticipates another 6-11 weeks of work before they can move back into the Annex. Bruce Hartman asked about the Technology Master Plan and Lana reported that the IT department has issued a “Request For Proposal” for consultants and that this plan is on track to be completed by the end of the year.

7.5. Feedback to Branch Managers’ Reports
Nancy Persons expressed her appreciation for the “Veterans Connect” program at Central. Sarah Laggos said that she has lots of contacts with veterans’ groups, as she’s involved with setting up two scholarships for veterans. She will share the contacts with Kate. And board members expressed appreciation of the Menstrual Equity Program. Kate pointed out that Central would be getting dispensing machines for the menstrual supplies as just leaving them in a basket encouraged abuse of the system. Diane Reyes expressed appreciation for the Summer Reading Program. Christine Bell expressed how much she appreciated the Anime and gaming programs at Central run by Librarian Kim Dargeou. Bill Coolidge talked about how Lara Mayelian helped put together the Coder Dojo program at Rincon and Lara reminded everyone that Northwest’s 50th anniversary celebration is coming up.

7.6. City Council Liaison Report
There was no report

    There was a discussion about the All-LAB meeting and where and when it was happening. There will be a planning meeting on October 3 possibly at the Central Board Room if it is available. Kate Keaton promised to check on the availability of the Board Room and get back to the LAB members.
    A review of follow-up responsibilities for members and staff.
    The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm.
    Next meeting: Wednesday November 28, 2018

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Rincon Valley Library
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