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Santa Rosa Library Advisory Board Regular Meeting

Sonoma County Library
Wednesday, March 28, 2018
7:00 pm
Central Santa Rosa Library
211 E Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

In attendance: Library Advisory Board: Chair Nancy Persons, Cynthia Denenholz, Sarah Laggos, Marlen Chavez; Ex-Officio Members: Commissioner David Ebright, Interim Central Branch Manager Kate Keaton, Rincon Valley Branch Manager Bill Coolidge, Community Engagement Coordinator Angelina Hernandez; Absent: Members Frank Morabito, Diane Reyes: Ex-Officio Members: Interim Director Tracy Gray, Commissioner Linda Garcia, City of Santa Rosa Councilmember Jack Tibbetts. Also attending: Sarah Swearingen, Friends Board member; Bruce Hartman, Candidate for LAB; Christine Bell, teen volunteer.

Chair Nancy Persons called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Sarah Swearingen introduced herself as a member of the Friends Board. Bruce Hartman introduced himself as a candidate for the LAB. Christine Bell introduced herself as a teen volunteer who is interested in applying to be a LAB member.

3.    APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF January 30, 2018 deferred to next meeting due to lack of quorum.

An opportunity for members of the public to address the Library Advisory and Friends’ Boards; times are limited to 3 minutes and may be changed at the Library Advisory Board’s discretion.
No members of the public were present.


6.1.    Recruitment of new LAB members
Discussion of recruitment of members continued at this meeting. LAB members asked Bruce Hartman about how he heard about the Santa Rosa LAB. Bruce discovered this through the Library website. Christine Bell, a teen guest, heard about the LAB through Kim Dargeou, Children’s Librarian at Central. Christine volunteers for Kim. Angelina added that there are similar conversations about the Library Commission involving what it does and how people find out about it. She is working on a general brochure for LAB recruitment across the county with information about what the LABs do, their purpose, how one can join, when and where they meet, and directing interested persons to the Library website.. This brochure will be produced with input from branch managers and LAB members. Although some LABs have handbooks, it will be much better when there is one uniform handbook/brochure for all LABs. The Commission has recently sent out a survey to LAB members and we will wait for the results of that survey before creating the brochure. This survey is the result of LAB members asking for a clear vision of what the LABs should be doing. Sarah Swearingen mentioned that all groups (Foundation, Friends, LABs and Commission) should work together to clarify what each group does and how they work together. 
Visiting service groups was again suggested. The idea would be for the LAB members to talk about recruitment and a librarian would tell the 
library stories. The LAB members feel that the stories the librarians share in their reports would resonate well with these groups. Angelina and David Ebright both added that they also get to tell the library stories. Also, the libraries need to share reports about Measure Y spending with the public.
There was also a general discussion of the various ways (Press Democrat, Facebook, Farmers’ Markets, etc.) that the Library and its programs are publicized
6.2.    Teachers verification of student visits to the library
Through email discussion, LAB member Diane Reyes and branch manager Kate Keaton agreed that this item could move forward better through conversations with Ana Dawe, Lead Librarian of Children’s Services at the Central Santa Rosa Library. Ana will be in touch by email.

Reports and updates on library governance, management, programs, services and support group activities as well as City Council matters. All items are for discussion only.
7.1.    Friends of the Santa Rosa Library Report
Sarah Swearingen, who is on the Friends board, updated the LAB about recent Friends activities.  At the Friends next meeting in May, they will be electing a new president of that Board. The Friends will be having their next book sale (April 6-9). The Friends are looking at holding 2019 and future sales at a Library Branch or another public location where the cost of the rental and moving the books would be less.

7.2.    Youth Member’s Report
Marlen apologized that she had missed meetings and did not have a report ready. All LAB members assured her that there was no need to apologize. Library emails were not getting to her for several months.  Marlen also shared that her school, Stony Point Academy would be shutting down at the end of the school year. All expressed dismay.

7.3.    Library Commissioners’ Report
David Ebright gave the report this month. He shared that he would be seeking re-appointment to the Board when his term expires this coming August. The Commission has been consumed with the budget. There has been much discussion about this. The focus is still on hours, facilities and the long-term financial obligations.  He also said that Measure Y money is not the windfall that had been anticipated since property tax revenues will be down this year.  Ken Nieman estimates that the Library’s share of property tax revenues may be down around $400,000. The budget will be passed at the Commission meeting on April 2nd.  The Measure Y oversight committee is meeting regularly and doing its job. David also reported that the director search is proceeding forward. He said that the director search is no reflection on the job that the interim director is doing. The Commission feels that, because we are a large system, we need to do a wide search. Interviews will be held at the end of May.  Nancy Persons asked about the LAB survey and when the LAB members would get feedback on this. Several LAB members reported that they did not receive the survey at all and Jane Klickman will be contacted to rectify this. 
7.4.    Library Director’s Report
Tracy was unable to attend the meeting. Angelina Hernandez, Community Engagement Coordinator, gave the update. Libraries will be expanding hours on April 7th and will be open until 6 p.m. on Saturdays. This is one result of Measure Y funding and is a result of surveying the public about what they want. SCL is introducing a new digital service called Odilo. This will provide downloadable e-books and audio-books in Spanish. Press releases targeting the Spanish-speaking community will be sent out and the Library will promote Odilo to target audiences in outreach.  (There was a reminder to make it clear that the service in not only for native Spanish speakers.) In January, the Library launched the educator card for people working with youth. This card accrues no fines and allows better access to the Library for educators, who can check out up to 50 books for up to 6 weeks. . This past month, SCL launched the Student-One card in partnership with Santa Rosa City Schools. Currently, this service is only offered to K-12th grade students enrolled in one of the Santa Rosa City Schools. The Student One card allows all students in participating schools to have a library card based on their school identification number and all students are automatically enrolled unless the parent chooses to opt out. The Library hopes to expand this to other school districts wherever possible and is working out all the kinks currently. (Some schools have privacy concerns, as the student identification numbers, names, and dates of birth are released to the Library.) Sonoma County Library will also be measuring usage so that we have statistics for this program. The Library web page has a link under the Kids tab called Supporting Student Success that has more information. This year, libraries are celebrating the 60th anniversary of National Library Week (April 8-14). The Library is gathering stories from patrons on Library Facebook pages and the homepage of our website. These stories will be shared in the future. Together at the Table hosts discussions on Women’s Rights in March and April. Finally, Angelina reminded all of our new service of Discovery Packs in conjunction with Sonoma County Regional Parks.

7.5 Feedback to Branch Managers’ Reports (see reports below).  
LAB members enjoyed the story about the girl who made up a song about Kim, children’s librarian at Central. Also, Nancy Persons had sent out email to colleagues about the educator card and the teachers were very excited about this. 

7.6    City Council Liaison Report
No report

An opportunity for Members to present brief, factual information about their library, respond to public comments, place items on the next agenda, or request information from the Library Commissioners, Director or Branch Managers.
Nancy Persons encouraged all LAB members to share any topics of interest or concern. Everyone agreed as they felt that the more input, the better. 

A review of follow-up responsibilities for members and staff.

10.    ADJOURNMENT—Meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m. Next meeting: Wednesday, May 30, 2018 at the Northwest Santa Rosa Library  


Central Santa Rosa Library 
The biggest story at Central since our last meeting is the shifting of the various departments (Administration, Collection Services, Budget and Finance and Delivery Services) to their new location at Headquarters in Rohnert Park. This has left the building a bit emptier and resulted in staff evaluating workflows. We need to rethink who does what and how things are now accomplished. We are still working out a few things but it has certainly been an exciting period.
We are also taking advantage of this shift to clean out the closets, so to speak. A lot of stuff has accumulated over the fifty years of living in this building and we are going to see what we can do.
In other news, Ana Dawe has joined the Central staff as the supervising Librarian in Children’s Services. This is the counterpart to Phil Hoeft in Adult Services. Ana will oversee children’s services in the building and will be available to work with the system-wide Children’s Services Team. We have also hired Dan Cottrell as an adult services librarian. He previously worked at Napa County and has seamlessly integrated himself into our staff.
Central Stories of Impact
In programming, the library continues to offer the wide array of programs. One series that has gained in popularity is our Tech Class Series. This series allows up to ten people to sign up for a hands-on class to learn basics of computers, the Internet and Social Media to name a few topics. Simone Yingst and Rebecca Patrascu visited the YMCA, Council on Aging, Redwood Gospel Mission, the VA Outpatient’s Clinic and Bethlehem Towers (a Section 8 housing unit). Since this publicity push, the classes have been full. 
Also, children’s librarian Kim Dargeou reports about a relationship that she has managed to build with one of her preschool attendees. The girl was very shy when she first started attending and could barely talk to anyone else. Her mom told Kim that, recently at her preschool, the girl shared a song that she had written about Kim.
And, finally, another children’s librarian Brian had a class visit from the Luther Burbank Elementary School.  He did a great job and was courageous enough to try some Spanish.  When he was reading the pop up Frog book in Spanish, he used different voices and moved the frog's mouth back and forth like it was catching flies.  The crowd loved it! One of the young students was wearing a big 5" bow on her head.  After the tour, she was putting stickers on our passive sticker board project.  I smiled and told her that I liked her Jo Jo bow.  She looked up in utter amazement and surprise and said, "You know it is a Jo Jo bow?!"  I smiled back and told her "Well, librarians know a lot of things!"  This opened up the conversation to Jo Jo Siwa's music videos and a few other topics.  This young patron was among the people that came up after the tour and expressed how much they enjoyed it and had learned from us.

Northwest Santa Rosa Library 
Since Northwest Library has been closed for the refresh, the Children’s Services Librarian, Kim Popenuck, took the opportunity to visit all 9 elementary schools in Northwest’s service area as well as 5 Head Start preschools.  

Kim did story times for Ridgeway Head Start’s AM and PM classes, RL Stevens Head Start’s AM and PM classes, Lytton Rancheria Head Start’s AM and PM classes, and Barbara Daniels Love and Martin Luther King Head Starts’ classes.  In April, Kim will visit JX Wilson Head Start’s AM and PM classes, SRJC’s Preschool Education classes, and possibly both the YMCA Preschool and RVP Special Needs Preschools on Piner Rd. 
In order to promote the Library’s new “Educator Card” and to invite local teachers and school librarians to the “Educator Card Kickoff Event” on the evening of February 26, Kim visited Jack London School (K-6), Olivet Charter School (K-6), Schaefer Charter School (K-6), Biella Elementary (K-6), Helen Lehman Elementary (K-6), Monroe Elementary (K-6), Steele Lane Elementary, César Chavez Language Academy (K-4) and The Village Charter School (K-8). She visited school offices, met some teachers, and connected with a few School Librarians as well.

For “Read Across America Day!” on Friday, March 2, also known as Dr. Seuss’s Birthday, Kim visited Helen Lehman Elementary for the third year in a row to read stories with four Kindergarten classes.  For adults big and students small, a great time was had by all!

Kim will visit the elementary schools again in May to announce Northwest’s reopening and promote this year’s Summer Reading Program.
Santa Rosa Teen Librarians Rachel, Lara and Jennifer collaborated at Piner High School in Santa Rosa on March 8 to present a workshop on Sonoma County Library resources for middle and high school teachers and school library personnel.  At the tail end of the presentation those in attendance were able to register for Educator Cards on site.  We created 17 individual Educator Cards that morning at Piner High. Since the Refresh closure on January 16, many Northwest Staff have been scheduled at almost all Sonoma County Libraries with the only exception to date being Sonoma Valley.  Staff have even been out to the Rural Stations of Occidental and Forestville to pitch in when staffing was sorely needed.  The closure has offered this opportunity for us to see what other branches look like, meet new staff and renew friendships, survey programs and methods of work practices, and sample work life from the perspective of a single-point of service desk model.  The Northwest Staff will reunite in April for 21 hours of training hosted by SCL’s Training Coordinator Kyle O’Neill. Training topics include: 
•    How do we want to make Single-Point of Service work at Northwest?
•    First Level Reference for Circulation Staff
•    Circulation Reminders for Reference Staff
•    Personalities and Customer Service
•    Team Building
•    Mental Health Training
•    Diversity Awareness
•    Playing with Technology
•    Workplace Safety
•    Anti-Harassment Training
•    Merchandising

Northwest Stories of Impact:

From Cathy S.: I was working one evening at the Rincon Valley Library when a patron returned a stack of books about Maurice Sendak.  I saw books about Sendak that I never knew existed.  I commented to the patron that it looked like he was doing some deep research. He responded that actually he had just given a talk on Sendak, as he use to know him.  I was quite impressed because I have an interest in children's literature and am currently working on a children's novel.  The patron told me that he authored a few books himself, and that we had them in our system.  So, of course, I asked him about the titles.  The first book he mentioned was THE ANNOTATED CHARLOTTE'S WEB.  What a wonderful surprise!  This is a book that I had checked out so many times that I knew I needed to own it.  I bought it last year from Amazon and I was thrilled to be able to tell him that I absolutely love his book.  He looked as surprised as I was.   Later that evening I put a hold on his other titles.  I just loved having this wonderful connection right here at the Sonoma County Library.

From a handmade card given by a patron to the Northwest Staff in February: “So many of my friends do not understand the thrill of walking into an establishment full of books!  That you can get for free!  And then you bring them back, and get more!  Thank you!”

February 20th marked big changes at the Rincon Valley Library. Bill Coolidge began working as Rincon Valley’s new Branch Manager.  On that same date Children’s Librarian Ana Dawe began her new tenure as the Children’s Room Supervisor at the Central Library leaving Rincon without a Children’s Librarian for the time being.  Ana’s departure combined with staff being laid low from colds and flu has left some holes in the Rincon staff schedule.  Luckily we have gotten some great help from the Northwest Branch. The Northwest community’s loss during the refresh is Rincon’s gain. We’ve had Cathy Signorelli work at the Circulation desk on Mondays and Northwest Children’s Librarian Kim Popenuck working at Rincon several days a week. Kim has been presenting story-times as well as getting to run her first ever Lego Program (Kim likes having a Forum Room to work with). 

Bill began his time at the Rincon Valley Library getting to know his new staff and having to call upon the resources of the Sonoma County Library facilities crew much more than he thought he would. On his first day on the job a major water leak was discovered back in the staff work area. It took several days and several tries (along with the library having to close early one Monday) but the leak was finally fixed and the staff can again eat their lunch in back of the library without having to worry about water falling on their head.  As if leaks weren’t enough, on March 20, the staff arrived at work to find that the front wall near the entrance to the library had been tagged with graffiti (some of it not so polite). Once again the facilities crew was called and they promptly went to work and removed the offending marks. It wasn’t all bad news with regard to the library facility. Thanks to the persistence of the Rincon Valley Library staff along with the help of Catherine Greco and the Library graphics staff, on February 21 a new sign was installed at the entrance to the parking lot instructing the public that the library parking lot was for library guests only and that any non-library users would be towed per city ordinance. This solved a longstanding problem of students from Maria Carrillo High School using the library parking lot as a school lot and filling the library lot up with cars before our patrons had even arrived. Ever since the sign was installed the library parking lot has been clear until 10 am when the Library opens to the public. 

Events and Outreach
Demand for patron parking is strong in part because of all the events and programs that we hold at the Rincon Valley Library. We’ve got Storytimes for Toddlers, Preschoolers and babies, chess club in the afternoon and mindfulness and meditation in the mornings. We have Lego programs once a month as well as book clubs and clubs for people who want to learn to write books. And we have Homework Help on Wednesdays. Every Friday and selected Saturdays during this tax season the lobby has been filling with people waiting to get help with their taxes from the volunteer accountants who are coordinated through the AARP. People who do their own taxes have also been coming to the library to pick up tax forms, which have come a little late this year due to all the changes in the tax laws. 
We haven’t just been waiting for people to come into the library. We’ve also been reaching out to them. Young Adult Librarian Lara Meyelian has out vising schools in the area and has also been visiting the Valley of the Moon Children’s Shelter and the Sonoma County Juvenile Hall to bring library services to kids and teens who are in residence there. 

Roseland Staff have set up and organized the Women’s History Month flyers, resource guides, and books at the Together at the Table station. Staff also created a children’s book display promoting influential women in history. Patrons are able to check out these resources to better educate themselves about Women’s History Month. The Library also celebrated Women’s History Month with a showing of Wonder Woman and Queen of Katwe. The Wonder Woman showing included a super hero craft and super hero face painting by local artist Mica Castillo, the event was well attended. 

Sergei, the volunteer for PALS (Paws As Loving Support) has been working with teen volunteer Marianna on Saturdays to provide children the opportunity to read out loud to his dog Inaya during the Read to a Dog event. Marianna mentioned to Sergei that she was renting a clarinet to take classical music lessons after school. Sergei brought a clarinet that he owned to the next Read to a Dog event and gave it to Marianna as a gift, stating that he knew she would “take care of it and learn how to play well”. Marianna was extremely grateful and thanked Sergei for giving her the clarinet. 

Jacquelyn Martinez, Roseland Librarian, is working with the tweens and teens of the Boys and Girls Club (BGC) that meets at the Roseland Community Library. Jacquelyn organized a Maker Studio: Light Up Sewing event with Lindsay Hunter to provide a fun, interactive project featuring LED sewing. The participants were excited and created bookmarks out of felt material, LED lights, and batteries. One teen created a felt, orange pizza with a light up pepperoni circle. Jacquelyn also participated in the BGC Week Celebrations, which featured a variety of games and challenges. Jacquelyn was a guest judge in the cooking contest where the teams made dishes based on the four ingredients of pork chops, cauliflower, cream cheese, and carrots. The tweens/teens practiced cooking skills, making delicious dishes for the judges to sample and choose a winner. The three judges ending up picking the Girl’s Team for the win.   

Roseland Staff has noticed an increase in the number of participants in the Adult Literacy program at Roseland. Many of the new students are regular patrons of Roseland who speak Spanish and want to practice their English skills. Library Staff has been promoting the Adult Literacy program to patrons by providing information about the process of becoming a student and being tutored. Staff are always encouraging patrons to take advantage of the services and resources that are offered by the Library, therefore it is wonderful to see that many of our patrons are being tutored by the volunteers of the successful Adult Literacy program. One participant stated that she was “so happy to be able to practice English with a nice person who made her feel comfortable”. 

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