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Santa Rosa Library Advisory Board

Sonoma County Library
Wednesday, January 31, 2018
7:00 pm
Central Santa Rosa Library
211 E Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

In attendance: Library Advisory Board: Nancy Persons, Cynthia Denenholz, Diane Reyes, Sarah Laggos; Ex-Officio Members: Commissioner Linda Garcia, Northwest Library lead librarian Jennifer Duran, Interim Central Branch Manager Kate Keaton, Rincon Valley lead librarian Ana Dawe,; Absent: Members Frank Morabito, Marlen Chavez: Ex-Officio Members: Interim Director Tracy Gray, Commissioner David Ebright, City of Santa Rosa Councilmember

Chair Nancy Persons called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Nancy announced that Barbara Fisher had resigned from the LAB after twenty –three years of service. Barbara was originally appointed in December 1995.

Sarah Laggos, our new LAB member was introduced to the group. Sarah works at SRJC in fundraising. She has also worked in libraries in high school and college.

Linda Garcia announced that she will not seek re-appointment to the Library Commission in July when her term is up. She clarified that she is a commissioner who represents both the City of Santa Rosa and Sonoma County. Linda is in her fourth year as a member of the Commission.

3.    APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF May 31, 2017: 3 ayes, 1 abstention; July 26, 2017: 3 ayes, 1 abstention; September 27, 2017: 3 ayes, 1 abstention; November 2017:  One correction was needed. On page three, under the Director’s report, the word “new” needed to be changed to “next”. Change was made and vote taken: 3 ayes, 1 abstention. 

An opportunity for members of the public to address the Library Advisory and Friends’ Boards; times are limited to 3 minutes and may be changed at the Library Advisory Board’s discretion.
No members of the public were present.


6.1.    Recruitment of new LAB members

Ana announced that the library has been re-doing the library web page and Library Advisory Board information now appears on the homepage. This should be a good promotional tool. Nancy Persons reminded us that a flyer about the LABs would be helpful.  The flyer could describe what a LAB does and why someone might want to join the LAB and this could be made available to distribute to interested people. Kate will check with Tracy about the possibility of drafting a flyer which could be placed in every branch, as an aid for all LABS.

 Nancy Persons will email SRJC staff about our openings. She had done this before and several people sounded interested but may have forgotten due to the fires in October. Diane contacted Arceli Romo-Floresm director of Curriculum and Instruction and the ELL coordinator for the Santa Rosa City School District She oversees the Family Engagement Coordinators there. Diane will attend the next meeting of the coordinators and will talk about what the LAB does; invite the coordinators to attend the LAB meetings as members of the public; and ask them to think about becoming a board member.  This meeting is scheduled for February 16. 

Sarah recommended that we have a FB post approximately once a month recruiting LAB members. She recommends that we post on different days or at different times to reach a wider audience. Diane added that it is good to let people know that they have things to offer to the board and their experiences count. The members agreed that visiting some of the service groups (Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions) would be very helpful also. Staff could partner with Nancy Persons to go out and talk about Sonoma County Library. Staff could share stories of impact and new services and Nancy could give a pitch for becoming a LAB member; the spending of Measure Y money might be of great interest to these groups. Sarah offered to help schedule these outreach events; any request for speakers should be directed to Kate. All agreed that having the flyers to promote the LABs would be great.

Reports and updates on library governance, management, programs, services and support group activities as well as City Council matters. All items are for discussion only.
7.1.    Friends of the Santa Rosa Library Report
No report.  

7.2.    Youth Member’s Report
No report.

7.3.    Library Commissioners’ Report
Linda Garcia presented the Commissioners’ report. She mentioned that the Commission agendas were posted on the library website and video recordings of past meetings were also available on the website. The move to the new headquarters in Rohnert Park will happen on February 14th and 15th. Tours for commissioners will happen on February 1st and February 21st.  In the past, the library has used County Counsel but has new legal counsel starting January 1, 2018. On February 5th, the 2016/2017 audit of the library will be available. The budget meeting for next fiscal year will be February 26th at the Rohnert Park City Council chambers where it will be videotaped as well

The consultants for hiring the new director will put a survey regarding what is desired in a library director on the web for people to take. (Linda Garcia mentioned that the County Counsel had recommended the hiring of consultants to assist with the search for this position.) The Commission is hoping to appoint someone by May 2018.:Linda finished by sharing her concerns about library funding due to the changed fiscal situation after the fires; she is concerned about the reduction in property tax and business tax revenues due to losses in the fires. She feels that the Commission must keep an eye on funding and be very cautious. The staff and administration have grown, and all employees were paid during the fire closure.  She also noted that the libraries will be increasing hours in April when all libraries will be open until 6 p.m. on Saturdays  
7.4.    Library Director’s Report
Tracy was unable to attend the meeting. Kate gave a brief update on the Northwest Refresh: the branch should re-open in May. She also confirmed the dates of the move to the new headquarters in Rohnert Park. The move will happen on February 14th and 15th.

7.5 Feedback to Branch Managers’ Reports (see reports below).  
Lab members once again expressed appreciation for the reports, for the number and quality of the branch events and the dedication of the library employees. They were interested in hearing how “Together at the Table” went at the Roseland Library. They also expressed interest in the story of the patron trying to pay for fire-destroyed materials, and the Hidden Valley satellite story. Clarification was asked for the Roseland Collegiate Prep story. Kate explained that Rachel and Jackie attended this school event where all students were given books from the public library.

7.6.    City Council Liaison Report
No report

An opportunity for Members to present brief, factual information about their library, respond to public comments, place items on the next agenda, or request information from the Library Commissioners, Director or Branch Managers.
Diane requested a topic for future discussion. She had promoted the gingerbread house program (held in December) heavily at her school and wondered how many children attended the program due to the promotion. She wondered if there was a way to track attendance at programs or library visits by school. Ana mentioned that one school in Rincon Valley makes a form available to students to bring into the library and have a staff member initial it. Diane would like to add a discussion item for the upcoming meeting discussing the use of a token to indicate a visit by a student to a library.

A review of follow-up responsibilities for members and staff.

10.    ADJOURNMENT—Meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m. Next meeting: Wednesday, March 28, 2018 at the Central Santa Rosa Library  

January 2018 LAB Report

Central Santa Rosa Library
There are a couple of events that I would like to highlight that were held in December. The Central Library hosted a Together at the Table program. The topic of the discussion was immigration. We had an attendance of 15 people and there was a good discussion about this topic. Attendees enjoyed the opportunity to discuss this issue in the context of their own community. And, not surprisingly, the one guest speaker who received the most questions was the representative from the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department.
Another popular event was a visit by Rachel Icaza and Jacqueline Martinez to Roseland Collegiate Prep for a Winter Potluck Book Giveaway. There were 300 students participating in this fun event.
And, the Children’s Department hosted the annual Gingerbread House program. This program was enjoyed by families and the creativity was awesome!
Patrons were able to get their accounts cleared of overdue materials charges by bringing in a donation to the Redwood Empire Food Bank in our now annual Food for Fines program. This is the third year that the library has held this amnesty program and is a wonderful win-win situation as library users can clean up fines and the REFB benefits from this. The Central Library waived $3021.66 in overdue fines this year. And, thanks to Jennifer Duran for spearheading this project this year.

Central Stories of Impact
Central recently hosted a school tour of over 60 kids. After the tour one shy little girl came up to Kim Dargeou, the librarian who led the tour, and said what Kim thought was: “I didn’t know libraries were so cool!” Kim thanked her and started going on about libraries and the cool things we do and the girl stopped her and said “no I said, I didn’t know librarians were so cool!” Needless to say this melted the librarian’s heart and reaffirmed that librarians and libraries alike are cool to our community.
The Redwood Adventist Academy (K-2nd grade) came for their second visit to Central.  Their campus was burned down during the October wildfires. The Children’s Department was in the process of removing an encyclopedia set that was a couple of years old.  Staff approached the teachers of the group and asked if they would be interested in the set. Their eyes lit up and they smiled really big.  The second grade teacher said that they do a lot of research reports and that the encyclopedias would make a huge difference in the quality of instruction.  The second grade teacher came back within an hour of their departure to pick up the encyclopedia set.

Teen Services librarian Rachel Icaza organized a number of blanket making workshops at libraries across the county, the goal of which were to make blankets for the national nonprofit Project Linus. Many of the blankets collected will go to victims of the recent firestorm. An article about Project Linus and the Library’s participation was in a recent issue of the Press Democrat: http://www.pressdemocrat.com/news/7832548-181/project-linus-fleece-blankets-provide?sba=AAS    

Northwest Santa Rosa Library January 2018 LAB Report
Our branch closed for the much-anticipated Refresh Project at the end of the regular business day on Saturday, January 13.  For two weeks prior to closing the amazing staff at Northwest packed boxes of supplies for the temp site, packed boxes of materials to go into storage, made decisions on what will not return to the branch, and made decisions on furniture to be passed on to Roseland Community Library.  Our Facilities Team will put up for auction the shelves and furniture determined to not come back to the branch.  Professional movers Bekins Brothers disassembled all the shelving and moved out all furniture including packing up the entire book and media collection at Northwest all in a mere 2 ½ days.    

Not missing a beat, the Northwest Library has moved to a temporary location beginning on Tuesday, January 16.  Our patrons can find us at Guerneville Road Plaza, 1331 Guerneville Road, Suite O (Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 10:00-2:00pm and Wednesday: 3:00-7:00pm).  The temporary site will have a Book Drop and Holds may be picked up.  That is the extent of the services that Northwest Library will provide through the duration of the renovation anticipated to last into late spring 2018.  No computers are available for those patrons who need Internet and PC use.   All Sonoma County Libraries with the exception of Northwest Library are fully operational during our renovation period.   

Our devoted volunteers who help us with shelving and other daily projects in the reading room are temporarily out of a volunteer job with us until we reopen.  We found December to be the perfect time to honor them at a Volunteer Appreciation Brunch held on Tuesday, December 19.   All of our volunteers had opportunity to visit with each other, feast on some delicious pastries, and catch up on the latest updates on the Refresh Project.  In fact, the Northwest Staff had only found out a couple days earlier the official start date of the Refresh Project.  It was great timing and us and our volunteers cracked open a sparkling bottle of Martinelli’s and celebrated the news of the Refresh start date at the brunch.  We look forward to having our volunteers back with us later this spring.   

Our library has been partnering with Language Truck in offering a variety of technology workshops for our patrons.  Language Truck is also going to help with introducing many of our staff to upcoming technology changes.  This past November and December most of the Northwest Staff attended a Windows 10 introduction workshop in preparation for our upcoming migration system-wide to Windows 10.  Microsoft 2016 Overview is a second upcoming training/introduction staff will undergo.  

Northwest’s Story of Impact: We received a very nice letter in the mail along with book on CD the patron had finally found.  Our patron shared she found herself homeless and when she finally found a place to live very recently she also found her missing library book on CD.  In her words, “I found it, so am happy to return it to you.  A gentleman at E Street Library said I owed you $5.00 and change.   I’m enclosing my check for $6.00 to be sure it’s covered.  Keep the change for someone who needs it.  I very much appreciate your kindness to me through all the things I never expected to experience.”

Rincon Valley Library:  January 2018 LAB Report

I would like to start by saying that Rincon Valley staff, substitute staff, volunteers (both adult and teen), and patrons are absolutely wonderful! As I write this, a small group of our teen volunteers are happily singing while covering the much debated “blue dots” of the Early Readers. While it is true that we are still in the middle of a change of leadership (with the new and temporary leaders, well, new and temporary!), everyone is understanding, flexible, and willing to put in the extra effort to make it all work.
That said, we have been very busy in Rincon Valley! This December we hosted 3 separate gingerbread house events that were super popular and fun. Along with our regular storytimes, Read to a Dog, and monthly Lego club and Mindful Minis, we have been hosting some great events for all ages. The SRJC’s Mindfulness for Seniors class has started strong, SoCo Music Coalition brought in electric band equipment for kids (and staff!) to try, Shuffle’s Magic shop is doing a workshop for kids on Jan. 30 that is already filling up, and so much more! Tweens and teens have been getting more attention lately also with craft, STEAM, and ongoing chess events. Lara, our Teen Librarian is also planning on starting an Anime Club, has a Fake News presentation scheduled for a couple high school classes, and meetings with local organizations CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) and Valley of the Moon Children’s Home.  Kris LaVanish has been offering a wide variety of music, tech, and art programs for us as well.  
During the first couple weeks of January a landscaping crew came in and gave the library a fresh new look. They worked in the mud and rain dragging huge boulders, digging, planting, and setting up new irrigation. We can’t wait for our new trees to fill out this spring!
And, in closing: Our daily patron stats have gone up by a couple hundred each day due, we believe, to the Northwest closure!

Roseland Community Library January LAB Report

Roseland Staff have set up and organized the Together at the Table resources near the entrance of the Library. Flyers, resource guides, and books are set out for patrons to checkout and postcards are available for patrons to fill out and mail to their representatives. Roseland’s Together at the Table event features Blackness in America and is set to take place on Wed. 1/18 from 7-8:30 PM. Staff have been promoting this event at outreach opportunities and within the Library to patrons, we’re expecting a great turnout of participants.  

Fitness classes have begun once again on Mondays and Fridays. The YMCA instructor provides low-impact cardiovascular workouts for older adults on Mondays and on Fridays the instructor provides high-impact, fast paced cardiovascular workouts for adults. Classes have been well attended and community members are getting the word out to their friends to join them in these free exercise classes.  

Jacquelyn Martinez, Roseland Librarian, has started outreaching to the Boys and Girls Club (BGC) on Wednesdays. The first session included an introduction to the resources and services she plans on providing, and questions concerning their interests and needs. Students were at first shy but soon opened up about the type of activities they’d enjoy and the types of skills they’d like to learn about. Ideas such as lego robotics, sewing, SAT preparation classes, job fairs, and homework help were some of their suggestions and Jacquelyn has taken note to provide these as possible activities and/or events. The second session consisted of students participating in the Project Linus program by creating fleece blankets for children in hospitals. The students prepared and cut fleece blankets of two different patterns in order to tie their edges and create a solid blanket with two, warm blankets. The teens were excited to participate and create blankets for children that were hospitalized. We discussed the importance of volunteering and giving back to our community members that need help.  

Jacquelyn Martinez also outreached at the Roseland Annexation Celebration this past Saturday, Jan. 20th from 12-4 PM. She welcomed people to visit the Library and utilize its services and resources. She provided information about the various events and activities provided at Roseland for all community members. She also gave out free books and prizes for anyone that was interested in reading and learning more about the Library.  Several BGC teens volunteered by helping Jacquelyn give out prizes to children and adults. Jacquelyn estimates that she outreached to at least 300 people at the event, making it a successful outreach opportunity. 

Wednesday, January 31, 2018
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