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FanWar Live Action Role Play demonstration (Activity room)

“What is Fanwar LARP? In Live Action Role Playing (LARP), players pretend to be someone else, living in a different time or place, and acting out events that might happen in that world. Many of these games involve battles, and so LARPers use safe, padded props that look like weapons to act out the combat.

Weather permitting, you, too, can participate in FanWar LARPing on the Lucchesi lawn behind the community center.

Live Action Role Playing is a combination of sports, drama, and table-top role playing games. It has many forms and settings all over the world, and has been a popular pastime for kids and adults for generations. 

Our LARP is specifically medieval fantasy based, with swords, spells, and dragons, but many other settings exist with other LARP groups and players. The game world we use has also been affected by hundreds of players over time, so when you step into our story, you are entering a long history of adventures, mysteries and battles!”

Saturday, January 27, 2018
11:30am - 12:00pm
--Off Site--
Petaluma Regional Library

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