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Santa Rosa Library Advisory Board


Sonoma County Library

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

7:00 pm

Roseland Community Library

779 Sebastopol Road

Santa Rosa, CA 95407


In attendance: Library Advisory Board: Nancy Persons, Cynthia Denenholz, Diane Reyes, Ex-Officio Members: Commissioner David Ebright, Interim Library Director Tracy Gray, Northwest Library lead librarian Jennifer Duran, Interim Central Branch Manager Kate Keaton,  Rincon Valley lead librarian Ana Dawe,; Absent: Barbara Fisher, Frank Morabito; Marlen Chavez, Ex-Officio Members: Commissioner Linda Garcia, City of Santa Rosa Councilmember



Chair Nancy Persons called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.


  1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF May 31, 2017, July 26, 2017 and September 27, 2017

Postponed until January 2018 meeting due to lack of quorum. 



An opportunity for members of the public to address the Library Advisory and Friends’ Boards; times are limited to 3 minutes and may be changed at the Library Advisory Board’s discretion.





    1. Discussion of the need to address members’ meeting attendance in the by-laws


Concern was expressed about members not attending the meetings. Members discussed the addition of language in the by-laws about expectations for attendance. Commissioner Ebright shared that the Commission has attendance requirements; commissioners are appointed and they can be “unappointed”. One criterion could be the percentage of meetings missed in a year. Nancy will get a copy of the by-laws from all LABs (will request from Jane Klickman) and will look at wording that other LABs may use. There was interest in finding “gentle language” about attendance (encouraging attendance rather than punishing non-attendance). Nancy also thought that language about notifying the Chair when not attending meetings and discussing the member’s current situation should be added. It was also noted that a potential LAB member is on the December Commission agenda for approval.





  1. Recruitment of new LAB members


Discussion continued about the need for recruiting new members. Nancy will send out the wording for the libraries’ FB pages and library staff will re-post. Jennifer suggested that maybe we could promote the need for new LAB members for many locations on the library homepage. David wondered if Angelina Cacioppo could talk to the Press Democrat about the library advisory boards and include interviewing some members. Making flyers with information about LABs and an application may also help. Diane mentioned that Aricely Romo-Flores, the Director of Curriculum and Instruction and English Learner Services for the Santa Rosa City School District runs a program that works to connect families with community services. Each K-6th grade school has a family engagement coordinator and perhaps one of these people might be interested in serving on the LAB. Diane plans to contact Ms Romo-Flores.  David pointed out that the pool of potentials grew a little bigger with the annexation of Roseland.



Reports and updates on library governance, management, programs, services and support group activities as well as City Council matters. All items are for discussion only.

  1. Friends of the Santa Rosa Library Report


No report.  Nancy Persons will contact Frank Morabito.


  1. Youth Member’s Report


No report.


  1. Library Commissioners’ Report


David Ebright gave the Commissioners’ report. He said that his heart goes out to all who had losses or were displaced during the recent fires. He gave big kudos to the library staff for getting the libraries opened safely and to Tracy for her daily updates during the fire storms. He also encouraged attendance at upcoming Commission meetings as there are a lot of important topics being discussed.  The Commission is hiring a consulting firm to assist in the search for a new director and the firm gave them a four month timeline to complete the process. They anticipate that the process would be finished in May. A search is being done because this is a large, complex library system and the Commission owes it to the community to handle the process this way. A budget workshop is coming up on February 26th. The Measure Y committee has met several times but has no report yet. It was suggested by a LAB member that the Measure Y committee may want to send a representative to the budget meeting in February. Mike McGuire and Jim Wood had a discussion with David about potential loss of property tax revenue (the source of much of the library’s funding) and are working hard to get state or federal funding for money lost due to the fires. Unfunded liabilities continue to be a concern for the Commission but the library also has a fairly substantial fund balance and the Commission knows that it is important to keep this.

The top three priorities of the Commission are the importance of expanding hours; maintaining the facilities; and the unfunded liabilities.


  1. Library Director’s Report

Fines were waived for those who advised the library that the books they had checked out burned during the Northern California fires. There was a discussion about ways of notifying everyone whose library books were burned about this policy. (If a borrower’s fines exceed $100, the borrower may be referred to a collection agency.) The library made an insurance claim for burned books.

Tracy talked about continuing plans for the move to Rohnert Park. Their street address is 6135 State Farm Drive. Administration, Budget and Finance and Collection Services Division will be moving to the new facility. Also, the Facilities Department will be moving part of its operation to Rohnert Park. Timeline for the move is dependent on AT&T and new carpeting and we are hoping all fall into place in January. The Commission has approved purchase of hybrid trucks (which get rebates from the State of California) so the Library is getting ready to purchase these.

The budget process has begun and branch managers are currently submitting budget wishlists for next year as well as projected staffing needs to cover additional hours. The Commission has approved increasing Saturday hours by two hours which will make our open hours 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  This will begin in April and will have minimal costs to the system.  Six staff attended CLA in Riverside in November and have been sharing information with the rest of the staff. Kiyo retired on November 10th and her position is being replaced by two new positions: Manager of Branches and Patron Services is one position. The second is Manager of Marketing, Events and Community Services. There will be no additional cost for the library system as the approved COO position has been deferred until a new director is hired. Tracy has a meeting with key players new Monday about the Roseland project. We hope to get a timeline at that time.


        7.5 Feedback to Branch Managers’ Reports (see reports below). 


LAB members mentioned that the “Stories of Impact” could be used for promotional stories about the libraries. They also appreciated the increased number of stories in newspapers about the Sonoma County Library. Diane expressed appreciation for the Native American program at the Roseland Library. All appreciate the diversity of the programs now being offered. They feel that the library is meeting the active needs of people now. All are creative and different. The LAB members feel that the libraries are very much community centers and the public is recognizing this as well.


  1. City Council Liaison Report


Nancy Persons will confirm who our liaison is and reach out to that councilmember.



An opportunity for Members to present brief, factual information about their library, respond to public comments, place items on the next agenda, or request information from the Library Commissioners, Director or Branch Managers.



A review of follow-up responsibilities for members and staff.

  1. ADJOURNMENT—Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m. Next meeting: Wednesday, January31, 2018 at the Central Santa Rosa Library 















Central Santa Rosa Library November 2017 LAB Report

The Central Santa Rosa Library continues to provide an array of programs that cover traditional story times, story times in French and Spanish, anime club, journal making, computer classes, Path to College classes and music programs. There probably is something for everyone in a given month!

Another favorite event of ours is happening this month and next. Our Food for Fines program has begun and this is a great amnesty program for people who have accrued fines. They can bring in a donation for Redwood Empire Food Bank and have any fines for late library materials erased.

Staff is also busy reviewing the list of materials that have been lost in the recent firestorms. The Central Library lost just over 400 items to date and more may be reported as people, who are dealing with so much, may not have contacted the library yet.

There have been some personnel changes at Central (and other Santa Rosa branches). Kate Keaton is temporarily assigned to the Central Library as Interim branch manager through the Northwest Refresh. It is a great opportunity to experience Central up close and work with the excellent staff.

Central Stories of Impact

We've been helping some of our community members who have been displaced by the fires. One interaction in particular comes to mind: About a week after the fire a woman came in with her son, trying to locate a recent issue of the LA Times. The cover story of the issue was about the mother and her son, both of whom had been displaced by the fire. Our bilingual staff member helped translate as we identified the correct issue, and we were able to print out copies of the article to send family members living abroad.

A class of 25 students from a local charter school for at-risk youth came to visit the Library with their parents. As usual for class visits they received a special story time as well as a tour. Much excitement ensued over the number and diversity of book titles, and each student was instructed by their teacher to find one book to check out at the end of the tour. One of the girls located three books to check out and persuaded her teacher to allow her to take home all three. As the students lined up to leave the room, the girl beamed at staff and said, "I love books! They're like living in a movie only in your hands!"

A couple from Denmark visited the library and needed help using our computers to send an email. Multiple staff members helped them over the course of a morning. Together we helped them adjust to the standard US keyboard (the @ sign is different on our keyboards from theirs). We also helped them with a google security issue involving cell phone authentication. They were very appreciative of our help, and we were glad to be able to assist them.

November 18, 2017

Northwest Regional Library November 2017 LAB report

Our staff grew in late October with the arrival of Jennifer Duran, former manager at the Rincon Valley Library. We are thrilled that she has joined our staff as the Teen/Adult Services librarian and she brings with her the same wonderful and meticulous qualities that she brought to Rincon Valley. In addition to taking on these new duties, Jennifer is also acting as lead librarian as Kate has temporarily taken on the duty of Interim Branch Manager at the Central Library. A bit of musical chairs but we are lucky as we have good strong people at the Northwest Library holding down the fort.

The architectural plans for the upcoming Refresh are being finalized and we are starting to look at the furniture and new desk that will be needed. Work will begin in early 2018 and our temporary quarters have been located. We will have a small space in a strip mall about a block west of the library. This space will allow for people to pick up their holds and return their items.

Our story of impact this time really must have to do with the recent firestorms. In the weeks after the fires, we had a steady stream of patrons coming in to apologize that they had lost library materials in the fires. Staff would listen, cry and often hug them as they talked about their loss. There were over 400 items checked out from Northwest Library lost in the fires. Many expressed their gratitude that the libraries had been spared and were happy that we were open again. I really have to commend the staff at Northwest for their sympathy and grace as they helped people clean up their accounts so they could continue to use the library.

Opening back up on October 19, we set up a “Welcome Back” table and invited everyone to leave a comment. “Sonoma Strong”, “Thank you” to Firemen, Police, EMS responders, and “I Love the Library” were common themes. We passed out Hershey Kisses and prizes remaining from recent summer reading program. A patron donated a supply of brand new “Beanie Babies” teddy bears and were handed out to families who had lost their homes.

"A Hero's Halloween" was held in Santa Rosa Courthouse Square on Halloween from 4-7 pm. About 750 families registered online for the free event. Angelina Cacioppo, our Community Engagement Coordinator invited Children's Librarians to a Library table there. Ana Dawe from Rincon Valley, Kim Dargeou from Central, and Kim Popenuck from Northwest manned the booth. The 3 Santa Rosa Libraries pooled Summer Reading giveaway books and gave out about 500 books, instead of candy, to Kids & their Families on Halloween. Everyone said they loved the Library, and they love Books!

Rincon Valley LAB Report November 2017

There is a lot to be thankful for this November as can be seen on our overflowing gratitude tree. For the month of November, the Rincon Valley Library along with many other library branches, are hosting a

passive gratitude program. Our “tree” is a large branch standing in our lobby and is covered with thankful comments; many of them related to our recent fires.

The fires in October have affected almost everyone in Sonoma County, many of them library patrons. We have been hearing stories every day of lost homes, jobs, and mandatory relocation; but also of kindness, compassion, and sharing. The staff here is working to help patrons in every way they can.

Although we were closed for a bit and some events were cancelled, we have gotten back on track with our regular schedule of Storytimes, Read to a Dog, Homework Help, and, Lara, our teen librarian, has added a popular weekly Youth Chess Club. We also had a visit from Dr. Wenonah Vercoutere, a NASA scientist who is working on a project to look for life in the universe. In December we will once again have our wildly fun and popular Gingerbread House programs (we are having 3 this year: one for preschoolers, one for school aged kids, and one for teens!). That is going to require a lot of frosting! For adults, we continue to offer Healthy Living, Tech Classes, and the Master Gardener series.

Rincon Valley is going through another round of staff changes also. Jennifer Duran, the branch manager, made the decision to step down from being a manager and is currently working as a teen and adult Reference Librarian at Northwest. She will now be able to focus on the more fun aspects of librarianship! We will miss her here! Bill Coolidge will be transferring from the Windsor library to take her place, but in the meantime, Ana Dawe is holding down the fort. Rincon also got its very first Circulation Supervisor, Donale Chastain. She is getting to know the staff and the patrons and is a very welcome addition to our team.

Roseland Community Library November LAB Report

Roseland Staff have created a Gratitude Tree and Turkey to encourage patrons to include their leaves and feathers of gratitude onto the tree branches and turkey. This will be a passive program that will continue into December.

The Roseland Community Library celebrated The Day of the Dead with a skull decorating craft, a paper flower craft, a showing of the movie The Book of Life, and face painting with artist Mica Ramirez. Families had a wonderful time and left with beautiful painted faces, sugar skulls, and paper flowers.

The Library will be celebrating Native American Heritage Month with the event Past, Present and Future: The Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria. This event is a cultural presentation and art project that will be presented to several third grade classes from the Roseland Elementary school that is across the street from the Roseland Community Library.

The Roseland Community Library is offering adult fitness classes on Mondays and Fridays, Spanish adult technology classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and several children’s events in November and December. Jackie and Marlene will provide several arts and crafts projects and storytimes during the school closures in December to ensure that families utilize the Library.

Jacquelyn Martinez, Roseland Librarian, has written an event plan that will detail the events that will occur during her outreach to the Boys and Girls Club (BGC). Jacquelyn is hoping to provide homework assistance, database training, arts and crafts projects, writing and citation classes, and Path to College training. If students are interested, she would also provide a Teen Book Club featuring diverse young adult literature.

Roseland’s Story of Impact: There is a very shy 8 year old that comes to the bilingual storytime at Roseland with her mom and 3 year old sister. During my storytime, I read Marisol McDonald No Combina/ Marisol McDonald Doesn’t Match. It’s a story about a Peruvian-Irish American girl who likes to wear mismatched clothing and likes to play inventive games at school. She is always told by her friends that she doesn’t match and that it’s weird and ugly. Marisol decides to “conform” and feels distraught at school. Her teacher tells her that she is a wonderful person because she is unique and she should remain true to herself. Marisol decides that she will be her mismatched, unique self. A couple of weeks later, the shy 8 year olds mother told me that it was

a wonderful book because it gave her daughter the courage to tell her friends that she liked who she was and what she wore to school because it made her happy. I was so thrilled to hear this because she is very shy and she is warming up to me and other staff members.


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