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Library Advisory Board Meeting

Sebastopol Library Advisory Board Meeting Notes
October 4, 2017
Location: 7140 Bodega Ave, Sebastopol, CA 95472

Present: Walt Frazer, Nancy Dempsey, Ralph Johnson, Mathew Rose (Sebastopol Regional Library), Helena Whistler (Library Commissioner), David Little (Friends of Sebastopol Library), Arlene Kellan (LANTERN), Michael Carnacchi (Sebastopol City Council), Tracy Gray (Interim Library Director)

I. Walt Frazer, Vice-Chair, called the meeting to order at 4:06 pm. The Agenda was approved and Minutes from August 2, 2017, were approved with corrections.
II. Public Comment: none.
III. Announcements: none.

IVa. LANTERN Report: Arlene Kallen reported on LANTERNs history, the members of the board of LANTERN, mission and role of LANTERN, grant funded LANTERN work. Also reported: the ideal location of a future library and the development of a massing model of what a future library could look like. The massing model is to be used by LANTERN for fundraising purposes. Potential construction scenarios were discussed.
IVb. Commissioner Report: Helena Whistler reported on All Staff Day and monthly Commission Meetings. The September meeting discussed service hours and the results of months of study are included in that month’s agenda packet. The addition of Saturday hours (open until 6:00 pm) could be realized this fiscal year. The county wide LAB meetings are being looked at as an annual event to help LABs network and grow. The Together at the Table program was discussed. The library will participate at the Mayor’s and Counselors breakfast. Ms. Whistler updated the LAB on the recruitment for Library Director.
IVc. Director’s Report: Tracy Gray reported on All Staff Day. More recruitments are taking place with about 15 positions being hired. After that, more hiring for Library Administration may take place. Library HQ in Rohnert Park is still be planned with a target move date penciled for November 2017. Public Services Division Manager Kiyo Okazaki is retiring in November after 41 years of service. An updated organization chart with a new division manager is in process. The workflow for LAB appointments has been updated. The library launched new online services: Axis360, tutor.com, Consumer Reports online, Chilton Car Repair online. Planning for the 2017/2018 budget year is starting. Summer Reading participant and outcomes grew over this summer. Ms. Gray’s mention of stats led to questions and discussion of Sebastopol Regional Library stats, including how stats have influenced the recommendations of LANTERN. In addition to statistics, the discussion included the form of information and how current and future technologies will change library services and spaces.
IVd. City Liaison Report: Michael Carnacchi updated the LAB on the digitization project involving Sonoma West Times and News and the idea of a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the availability of the resource.
IVe. Youth Report: none.
IVf. Branch Manager Report: Mathew Rose discussed the library staff are working on planning programs for December through late spring. The LAB was asked for suggestions of what programs they would like to see. Outreach activities were shared, including the success of school outreach. Many new library cards have been issued to school students in September in large part to the amazing work of Rosalie Abbot, Adriel Ahern, and Courtney Klein. Stories of success at Bodega Bay Elementary, Apple Blossom Elementary, and Analy High School were shared. Staff assignments as community liaisons were shared: Library staff plan to interact with Sebastopol Downtown Association, Sebastopol Chamber of Commerce, Graton Day Labor Center, Burbank Heights Senior Living Residents Union, Sebastopol Senior Center, West County Health Action Chapter, among others. Together at the Table was discussed, including plans for the Sebastopol Regional Library to launch a book club to enhance the Together at the Table concept, discussing books centering on a variety of social issues. The idea of the library providing condoms to protect against pregnancy and STDs was discussed. The LAB suggested researching if local organizations and schools offer similar services and to develop a finding aid / informational guide on reproductive health while researching further the idea of removing barriers to access these tools of healthy living.
IVg. Friends of Sebastopol Library Report: David Little reported on Sue Fujita’s behalf: September booksale profits were better than the Spring Book sale. The book sale being open though the library being closed on All Staff Day was mentioned. FOSL is still determining their role with changes in Administration and Measure Y.

V. New Business:
Va. Farmer’s Market: no tabling occurred this year. Perhaps in the cooler months of Fall.
Vb. Projects ideas were discussed and included Luncheon fundraiser and/or Author event. A Friends of Sebastopol membership drive was suggested. The library will share its list of library projects and ideas for the LAB to opine or take the lead.
Vc. A report to Library Commission will need more preparation and not take place in November

VI. Additional Comment: None.
VII. Agenda Items for Next Regular Meeting: December 6, 2017 at 4pm
Report on Farmer’s Market
Coming up with future projects for the group
Creating a report to present to the Library Commission
VIII. Adjourned: 6:15 pm
Reported by Mathew Rose

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