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Library Advisory Board Meeting

Sebastopol Library Advisory Board Meeting Notes
August 2, 2017
Location: 7140 Bodega Ave, Sebatopol, CA 95472

Present: Mary Shiff, Walt Frazer, Nancy Dempsey, Mathew Rose (Sebastopol Regional Library), Helena
Whistler (Library Commissioner), Michael Carnacchi (Sebastopol City Council), Tracy Gray (Interim
Library Director)

I. Mary Shiff, Chair, called the meeting to order at 4:00 pm. The Agenda was approved and Minutes from
June 7, 2017, were approved with corrections.
II. Public Comment: none.
III. Announcements: It was shared that the Youth Members had graduated and Ms. Shiff sent
recognition of gratitude for their contributions. News of Sue Fujita’s new grandchild was shared.

IV. New Business:
IV.A. Projects ideas were discussed and included Luncheon fundraiser, Author event, Tea and Croquet.
The idea of fundraising for a specific goal was mentioned. Projects that need funds are: enclosing the
staff entrance alcove, exterior art display, LANTERN. Outreach was suggested as a project for LAB. A
booth at the farmer’s market will be coordinated, with Friends of Sebastopol Library and LANTERN as
potential co‐participants. Signage as a project was brought up – internal wayfinding. Taking back up the
Books on Wheels project was another suggestion, but make improvements on the pilot (better
advertising, more outreach to senior residents, expanded delivery partners).
IV.B. A report to Library Commission could be made at the November Commission meeting, but the LAB
would like to report on a project they have undertaken. Helena Whistler suggested they also report on
how they are using their LAB funds. It was suggested the Friends of Sebastopol Library participate in the
IV.C. Ms. Shiff was elected Chair and Walt Frazer was elected Vice Chair.

Va. Director Report: Tracy Gray reported that she is officially Interim Library Director. Updates on the
Library Headquarters and Roseland Coalition were provided. A mini‐renovation of the Northwest Santa
Rosa Library is scheduled for later this year. No square footage will be added in the current plan, but
there are potential places for adding usable space. There are changes in recruitment processes and a
second wave of recruitment is set to begin soon. A naming policy is being presented to the Library
Commission, as well as the OneCard service. OneCard is a partnership between the library and school
districts where library cards are issued automatically based on a student’s ID. A Teacher Card is also
being proposed; there are longer check out periods. The Library Advisory Board application process is
being reviewed. The budget is being reviewed to ensure fiscal responsibility. Several digitization projects
are being worked on, some that library staff perform the digitization works and some that are digitized
by others.
Vb . Commissioner Report: Ms. Whistler reported on the Library Commission elections. She was elected
Chair and Linda Garcia was elected Vice Chair. Library Commission committee appointments are being
made. The OPEB committee has already started. The Measure Y Oversight committee will convene after
the appointment from Healdsburg is made. The Commission will be discussing the Library Headquarters
move. Ms. Whistler shared the designation of the Central Santa Rosa Library as a Literary Landmark for
the regions association with Charles Schulz.
Vc. City Liaison Report: Michael Carnacchi reported his personal excitement on the digitization project
involving Sonoma West Times and News. He is shepherding the idea that school boards and City Council
should work more closely together and proposed a student city council representative. Mr. Carnacchi
shared the idea of Wagon Trail Day where wagons traverse a route to Sebastopol and along the route,
non‐profit organizations can sponsor stops. An update on Pine Grove Square was provided: a parking
study is to be conducted.
Vd. Youth Report: none.
Ve. Branch Manager Report: Mathew Rose discussed summer reading, lunch at the library, and
upcoming programs. Discussion of noise in the library was debated and several ideas were shared: noise
canceling headphones, scheduled quiet study hours, glass off the teen room and use it during school
hours when teens are in the library, refer to other local places that are quieter.
Vf. Friends of the Sebastopol Library Report: Ms. Shiff reported on Sue Fujita’s behalf: May booksale
profits were the lowest they have been, perhaps ever. They approved the library proposed budget.
Vg. LANTERN Report: Ms. Whistler reported that the LANTERN group is working with a local architect to
develop a prototype and to go to a number of newer library facilities to see what is new and upcoming
in library design.

VI. Additional Comment: None.
VII. Agenda Items for Next Regular Meeting: October 4, 2017 at 4pm
Report on Farmer’s Market
Coming up with future projects for the group
Creating a report to present to the Library Commission
VIII. Adjourned: 5:45 pm
Reported by Mathew Rose

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