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Library Advisory Board Meeting

Sebastopol Library Advisory Board Meeting Notes
June 7, 2017
Location: 7140 Bodega Ave, Sebatopol, CA 95472
Present: Mary Shiff, Walt Frazer, Nancy Dempsey, Adriel Ahern (Sebastopol Regional Library), Helena
Whistler (Library Commissioner), Ralph Johnson, Michael Carnacchi (Sebastopol City Council), Tracy Gray
(Acting Library Director)

I. Mary Shiff, Chair, called the meeting to order at 4:05 pm. Quorum was reached at 4:20 and the
Agenda and Minutes from December 7, 2016, were approved.
II. Public Comment: none.

III. Announcements: Walt opened with a question to Tracy Gray regarding the policy of no longer
accepting materials donations from the public to add to the collection. He cited the importance of the
local librarian’s knowledge of community needs, the unique needs of individual branches and the lack of
discussion with each one, and the importance of building community connections by accepting
donations of good quality books to add to the collection. Helena stated that the policy change has yet to
be presented to the commission, and that there has been a discussion, but no formal policy in writing.
The policy is being held back to make adjustments and the concern from the friends groups are noted.
Tracy offered to review the policy with Jamie (materials manager) and explained how the library did the
math to come up with the $26 figure (the cost of adding a donated book to the collection). She
explained the processes of materials management, and cataloging, and the discounts available through
book vendors. She also talked about exceptions to the policy and other avenues for donated books to be
used for promotional events. Adriel discussed the importance of supporting local businesses by buying
copies of desirable books from the local bookstores, also discussed was the problem with creating a cost
based on staff time when local volunteers can process a book with mylar and labels with free labor and
with high quality results. The policy is still on the agenda for the library commission and the best way to
address it would be in the 3 minute public comment sessions at commission meetings.
New Business: Art at the library. Mathew hopes to engage the Arts committee to maintain ongoing and
rotating art shows for the forum room.
Nancy brought up tabling at the Farmers Market. While no quilt appears to be available for raffle this
year, she will look into getting volunteers and a space arranged soon to promote summer reading at the
Book donations were discussed as an announcement.

Va. Commissioner Report: Helena Whistler encouraged the LAB to make a presentation to the Library
Commission and discussed how the Library Commission would like better communication between the
Commission and the LABs. Public input is important. Recruitments for in‐house interim director will be
posted today and will aim to be completed by mid‐July. Tracy Gray is acting director and will be
considered, but commission wanted library staff to be able to apply. The commission is looking over the
Library Director’s job description in order to prepare for the more extensive job search. They are also
looking to write current protocols for the new commissioners. This will be further discussed at the June
17th special library commission meeting.
She attended the History Day at the Round Barn and hopes to see the event continue. There is an
upcoming author event at Central.
Angelina is wrapping up the questionnaires and meeting notes to report to the commission about
public’s response to extending hours.
After attending the All Friends meeting to discuss Measure Y funds and future project, she hopes to see
a similar All LAB meeting with Brown Act refresher.
Vb. Director Report: Tracy Gray reported on meeting with LAB’s, Friends Groups, department and
branch managers, and the Library Commissioners to determine priorities going forward. She is looking
closely at operational needs and efficiencies.
Vc. City Liaison Report: City Council approved its budget and voted to move forward with the Pine
Grove Development, although there is another meeting on June 20th to discuss the impact of parking
limitations. Michael was interested in the possibilities of getting the microfiche of the Sebastopol Times
returned to Sebastopol. He was given the contact information of the History Annex to inquire about the
possibilities of digitization of that collection
Vd. Youth Report: none.
Ve. Branch Manager Report: Mathew Rose sent out a newsletter with branch updates.
Vf. Friends of the Sebastopol Library Report: none
Vg. LANTERN Report: Helena reported that the LANTERN group is working with a local architect to
develop a prototype and to go to a number of newer library facilities to see what is new and upcoming
in library design.

IV. Community Forum:
VI. Additional Comment: None.
VII. Agenda Items for Next Regular Meeting: August 2nd at 4pm
Coming up with future projects for the group
Creating a project report to present to the Library Commission
LAB elections for the chair.
VIII. Adjourned: 5:10 pm
Reported by Adriel Ahern

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