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Sonoma Library Advisory Board Meeting

Sonoma County Library


Thursday, November 9, 2017

Sonoma Valley Regional Library, Forum Room

                755 West Napa Street Sonoma, CA 95476



Present: Ken Brown, Janice Chadwin, Janise Stites, Barbara Hall, Beth Wilson, Tom Hauser, Lisa Musgrove, Ken Nieman, Janet Constantino, Mary Evelyn Arnold, Lilla Weinberger


1.      CALLED TO ORDER @ 4:05 PM.  Ken Brown presiding.

2.      REPORTS    Reports and updates on library governance, management, programs, services and support group activities as well as relevant City Council activities. All items are for discussion only.

2.1.   Commissioner’s Report

There are three priorities for staff help in budgeting

1)      Additional Library Hours-Saturday and more evening hours

2)      Start providing more money for long-term liabilities—mainly health care coverage promised and CalPERS (the insurer) uncertainty.

3)      Having a 10-year projection for capital improvements


Christmas Party planned

The Kunde Room: Dave Tichava is the program manager—he’s looking for a custom furniture builder.


2.2.  Library Director’s Report

The great fires in Sonoma County {October 8-15} impacted all the libraries. Closed 9 days, primarily because of the computer system being down. (Staff continued to be paid)

Library HQ hopes to move in January, to Rohnert Park.

Commission approved third truck purchase (first hybrid truck)

Saturday hours to be extended to 6 PM

Some organizational changes following Keyo’s retirement.


2.3.   Branch Manager’s Report

Branch was closed 9 days, new charcoal air filters will be installed soon.

Artist Series coming up starting next year: 6 month installations, mostly all in the conference room, and a picture railing in the main room will accommodate more art.

Met with rep for furnishings for the library. Friends have the funds for tables. Quote coming.

Kids books are being donated through Friends to a school that was closed due to the fires.


2.4.  Friends’ Report : Mary Evelyn.

Mission statement changed recently. Christmas party coming up. Classical Reflections receiving $1000.


2.5.   City Council Liaison Report –none, due to Dave Cook’s absence

3.      APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF THE SEPTEMBER 2017 MEETING.  Motion passed unanimously.

The OCTOBER meeting was cancelled due to the fires.


4.      PUBLIC APPEARANCES OR LETTERS    An opportunity for members of the public to address the Library Advisory & Friends’ Boards; times are limited at the Chair’s discretion .     NONE.



        5.0   Discussion and Possible Action Item – Kunde Reading Room status, next steps and process direction.

(Tom H.) –addressed early in the meeting

        5.1 Action Item – Amending the by-laws to include length of term.

Lisa said this was also an issue at all LABs.  The length of term is understood to be 4 years.

Janice Stites made a motion and Janice Chadwin seconded the motion to make the LAB members term 4 years. Motion passed unanimously. This will be added to the by-laws.

5.2 Discussion Item – Discussion on the process for LAB appointments and resignations.

Lisa was on a subcommittee to plan this process, and the Commission reviewed the process. Discussion is where to find this process, or where to access this information.  Lisa will add this uniform process to the bylaws as an addendum.  To be voted on at our next meeting. 


5.3 Discussion Items – Other changes, updates, improvements to the by-laws for

        consideration at the next LAB meeting.


5.2 Discussion Item – discussion to orientate new youth member to the LAB. Janice Chadwin volunteered to orient her to the meeting


5.3 Discussion and Possible Action Item –   The Library Commission is planning the annual All-LAB meeting to be held in spring of 2018.  They’ve asked the LABs to consider the following and report back to the Commission by November 22nd.

                        1. Location--

                        2. Topics or speaker for program focus

The following suggestions were brainstormed by our LAB:

·         Meeting our challenges-the fire aftermath, how has it impacted the library.(Our unique challenge is the Kunde room getting done.)

·         The sales tax revenue—what is the effect

·         Big data—how is it being used to market, identify, and shape our worlds.  Libraries have an ethic and it’s in the law that information cannot be collected, disclosed, etc. The library is one place where information cannot be bought and sold.

·         How do we keep the library relevant in the future.  What is our future? (How do we get the word out that the library is doing a good job so we can get the sales tax renewed in 10 years).

·         The libraries role in helping the community with news and facts vs. false news/fake news.


                        3. A few volunteers to help organize the event  (we didn’t address this)



An opportunity for Members place items on the next agenda, or request information from the Library Commissioner, Director or Branch Manager.



THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14, at 3:30: meeting.  BRING FOOD to our 4:00 P.M party.  

Sonoma Valley Library, Forum Room