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Sonoma Library Advisory Board Meeting

Sonoma County Library


Minutes of the SVLAB meeting


Thursday, May 11, 2017

Sonoma Valley Regional Library, Forum Room

                755 West Napa Street Sonoma, CA 95476


Present:  Barbara Hall, Bethany Wilson, David Cook, Janice Chadwin, Janice Stites, Julia Hart, Ken Brown, Laurell Meredith, Lisa Musgrove, Thomas Haeuser

1         CALL TO ORDER at 4:07 PM

2           REPORTS       Reports and updates on library governance, management, programs, services and support group activities as well as relevant City Council activities. All items are for discussion only.

2.1        Commissioner’s Report  /Thomas Haeuser

Thomas said the Director retired and the Commission considered activity to get an interim director and develop the process to hire a new director. Next Friday is the last day of the Director.

The Library has a budget. Unfilled positions are the most difficult thing. This saves money, meanwhile. Still collecting information from the branch library meetings.

2.2        Library Director’s Report  / Ken Nieman, CFO of the library

Interviews last Friday for the Facilities Manger position. The director and Ken recently talked to city managers to discuss leases, report coming to June Commissioner meeting.

“Open on Mondays” a big success. Ken was here as a greeter and the public was very happy.


2.3        Branch Manager’s Report / Lisa Musgrove

Opening on Mondays successful; people still learning about it.

Planning kick offs for summer reading programs. Every Wednesday at 11:00 starting the first week in June there will be a children’s program.

Thanks to the Friends---New shelf for the Jack London collection, new children’s computer coming, and new tables coming soon.

Lisa on vacation next meeting.

Janice said 3 storytimes out of the next couple months, due to the booksale.

2.4        Friends’ Report / Secretary Marge Thomas.  See the Friends’ meeting minutes for more information.

2.5        City Council Liaison Report   Dave Cook

Busy time for the city. Process of making sure that taxpayers know where our money goes. Would like to advertise how to highlight what the city does for the library.

On Monday, the city council will use ipads instead of paper agendas. City council members getting emails to use for their public business.

3          APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF THE March 2017 MEETING –Moved and approved. All in favor. None opposed.

4          PUBLIC APPEARANCES OR LETTERS          An opportunity for members of the public to address the Library Advisory Board; times are limited at the Chair’s discretion. None


Report from Branch Manager that there are no applications for our Youth Member. We did a good job of publicizing this, too. Outreach to the schools and the newspapers. Now it appears that we will wait until the new school year starts.

Discussion regarding the Director vacancy—role of the LAB.  Lisa pulled the Joint Powers Agreement section referencing the LABs role in the selection of a new director.

Sign up for tabling at Farmers Market—Beth left out a sign-up sheet and encouraging folks to sign up for a 5:30-7 shift.

6         ACTION ITEMS-none

7         OTHER ITEMS         An opportunity for Members to present brief factual information, respond to public comments, place items on the next agenda, or request information from the Library Commissioner, Director or Branch Manager.

8         ADJOURNED



Minutes submitted by Bethany Wilson, Secretary  



Sonoma Valley Library, Forum Room