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Sonoma Library Advisory Board Meeting

Sonoma County Library


Thursday, April 13, 2017


Sonoma Valley Regional Library, Forum Room

755 West Napa Street Sonoma, CA 95476



2.      REPORTS

Reports and updates on library governance, management, programs, services and support group activities as well as relevant City Council activities. All items are for discussion only.

2.1.   Commissioner’s Report

Budget is the major focus. Staff made presentation at last board meeting. Measure Y commitment was to get to 60 hours a week. More staff needed. To be discussed at next upcoming meetings.

2.2.   Library Director’s Report.

60% increase in budget, about 11-12 million dollars, funds come in in July. Funding additional hours, getting buildings fixed, more technology, more hours open. About a 500% inc. in events. About a million more dollars towards books. On track to open on Mondays May 1. About 35 staff have been hired, and adding more hours beyond this is the next round. Can add more hours to each library and this will come from each community.

Unfunded liabilities will NOT be addressed by Measure Y funds.

Joanne asked how we will be sure that Measure Y money is not spent on unfunded liabilities. Tom and Brett answered the questions. Government accounting rules followed, and Citizens Committee will oversee the Measure Y funds. Unfunded liabilities still needs to be worked out.

2.3.   Branch Manager’s Report

National Library Week.

Lisa shared cupcakes with everyone to celebrate the library, especially the addition of Monday library hours starting in May.  Thanks, Lisa!

More library improvements coming thanks to the Friends.

A new youth member is still needed. The Sun ran an article. An application is available. Members are encourages to hunt for a youth member.

Community Conversations will address the additional hours planning. Lisa encouraged us to get the word out to friends and interested community members

Mariah McGuire —will be working part-time.

Anna Maria Colaraffi—full time Tues-Sat.

Both have a lot of library experience.

The library hours on Monday will be 10 AM-9 PM.

2.4.   Friends’ Report

Marge said there’s been a tremendous increase in the number of boxes of books donated. Dave is working hard to pass on the books to the community. Now distributing books to Homebound, homeless, jail inmates, art books to local artists, and on and on. This is a major effort right now. Two subscriptions---ValueLine and [the NewYork Times?]--are funded by Friends. Need newsletter editor now. Furniture and shelving is in process, funded by Friends. A new mission statement is coming. Bylaws will also be rewritten. The Jane Kunde Room remodel is on hold because the Library needs a new Facilities Manager in order to move forward.


2.5.   City Council Liaison Report

Dave talked about the community fund. PR campaign is starting to tell the community what the City does to support the nonprofits. The City does give back a lot to the community. We will soon see information about how the City supports the library. The library is funded by the general fund; Lisa asked if the City supports the library as a fixed amount or how? Dave doesn’t have a definitive answer yet.

Lisa said the City is a good landlord, they have a great relationship.

Ken suggested inviting the new city manager to the library.  Whenever anyone comes to visit, they’re impressed by the library’s services, number of clients, the facility and the staff.



Motion by Janice Chadwin and seconded by Ken---unanimously approved.



An opportunity for members of the public to address the Library Advisory & Friends’ Boards; times are limited at the Chair’s discretion.



5.1   Discuss library location in Boyes Hot Springs

This item was on the agenda at the request of a member at last meeting. Joanne reviewed that this request was made to Susan Gorin (1st District Supervisor) from a citizen. Tom said, in the past, a very small branch was near the current Boyes Post Office. Brett said no planning is in the works; it’s a possibility to have a different sort of model for books in the area (corner of a store/bookmobile/not a physical branch). Joanne asked if it’s appropriate to write a letter to Susan Gorin that if there are discussions, we want to be part of the conversation. Joanne will draft a letter from the LAB and bring it to the next meeting for us to approve.

5.2 Reminder of the Community Conversations scheduled for May 11 after the LAB meeting

Angelina  Cacioppo–Community Engagement Coordinator. ‘

Topic is Library Service Hours

Format is a public forum, hosted in the current meeting room. Angelina will facilitate the meeting, and LAB members will each facilitate a table. Be sure to give everyone a chance to speak. Give the participants options to participate—in writing, or jot down their thoughts for them. Take notes if appropriate so that the ideas don’t get lost. If topics off the Service Hours are raised, also collect those ideas. Trying to keep the discussion specific to the local library.

Angelina passed out an agenda for us to see. Already had 4 meetings and they’ve gone well using this format.

We will need to end our LAB meeting a little early on May 11 to set up the room.



5.3 Farmers Market table this summer

Beth is submitting the paperwork to start



An opportunity for Members place items on the next agenda, or request information from the Library Commissioner, Director or Branch Manager.



TIME OF NEXT MEETING: THURSDAY, MAY 11, 4:00 P.M., followed by the Community Conversation meeting

Sonoma Valley Library, Forum Room



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4:00pm - 5:00pm
Sonoma Valley | Forum Room
Sonoma Valley Regional Library

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