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Sonoma Library Advisory Board Meeting

Sonoma County Library


Minutes of the SVLAB meeting

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sonoma Valley Regional Library, Forum Room

                755 West Napa Street Sonoma, CA 95476


Present: Barbara Hall, Bethany Wilson, Julia Hart, Janice Chadwin, Janice Stites, Joanne Sanders, Laurell Meredith, Lisa Musgrove, Thomas Haeuser, David Cook.Noted: a quorum is present

Guest: Angelina Cacioppo, Community Engagement Coordinator for the Sonoma County Libraries


2REPORTS       Reports and updates on library governance, management, programs, services and support group activities as well as relevant City Council activities

2.1Commissioner’s Report  /Thomas Haeuser

One of Tom’s duties is to appoint a community member to the oversight committee to oversee the expenditure of Measure Y funds. There may be a meeting a month, unclear yet on specifics.  Goal is to start in July. This generated some discussion of possible individuals who may be interested. 

Staff is still in process of Measure Y expenditure planning.

The Commissioners are hearing from City Managers who want to change the arrangements in place (regarding facilities, because of the Measure Y funds).

SCL will lease a space to move our Materials Management division—the staff that buy and process SCL’s books—and some other staffers out of Central to make room for the additional staff that will be hired at Central as part of the systemwide recruitment to open Mondays. 


2.2Library Director’s Report  / Brett Lear

Brett was absent today, and there is no report from the Director’s office.


2.3Branch Manager’s Report / Lisa Musgrove

Interviewing many; goal is to open on Mondays, starting in April.  One Fulltime and Part-time employee will come to our branch.

Lisa is also meeting with a company regarding making more facility/work/desk space in the back room.

Lisa reported on new services available: LINDA allows patrons to take on-line classes (for free). Lisa showed a flyer.

ZINIO offers online digital magazines


March 1 at 4:00 is Matter for kids age 3-12.

March 4 is Poetry Music (reading poetry to music)

Beginning Ukelele for families March 11, Saturday. Registration required, Online registration available.

Mosquito and Tick protection program Wednesday March 16, 6 PM.


2.4Friends’ Report / Secretary Marge Thomas.  See the Friends’ meeting minutes for more information.

No one present for the Friends’ report.

2.5City Council Liaison Report   (Dave Cook)

Dave addressed some issues that the branch manager has raised with the City:  The erosion coming from the neighboring properties has been addressed, being tested for contaminants. Public Works head is retiring, and position is unfilled. Lisa has been concerned about the letters saying there is high water use at the library, and someone is coming to check toilets for leaks.

Amy Harrington, new council member, should hear about Measure Y. Dave asked Tom if he could present at a council meeting.


APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF THE January            12, 2017 MEETING –Moved and approved by quorum with the amendment that Janice Chadwin was present for Story Time but it was cancelled when the children’s librarian Claire was absent. She pointed out that many folks were deeply disappointed, and would like us to address how to avoid this in the future.

3PUBLIC APPEARANCES OR LETTERS          An opportunity for members of the public to address the Library Advisory Board; times are limited at the Chair’s discretion. None


We started to look at our By-Laws again

4.1Change the meeting day to the last Thursday of the month. 

Members asked clarifying questions—may be the fourth or the fifth Thursday, so there may be problems still with getting feedback to our Commissioner. The Friends would change their meeting day; support for having back-to-back meeting Friends and LAB.

Motion made by Janice Stites and seconded by Laurell that the LAB changes its meetings from the second to the last Thursday of the month. Discussion continued.

Lisa suggested we add a standing agenda item to Discussion Items that is for the LAB to discuss Commission issues, weigh in, and give feedback to our Commissioner.

Unanimous agreement in favor to change the meeting date. Next LAB meeting remains March 9.  If the change is voted in at the March meeting, April 27 is then the following meeting. (Keep the meeting at 4:00 start).  Lisa will let the Friends know.


4.2Replace “Membership” section with amended “Membership” section

Lisa retyped the by-laws and this was simply a formatting issue.We had a hard copy of the by-laws to look at,retyped from the format we had last month.

4.3Continue discussion on the LAB By Laws.

We picked up from “CHAIR”.  No proposed changes needed.

4.4Presentation from Community Engagement Coordinator, Angelia Cacioppo

Angelina has been visiting all the LABs, to talk about the second wave of expansion of the Measure Y funds. “Community Conversation” meetings to be held at each branch, a facilitation between the Branch Manager and the community, to determine what the community wants (“unmet need”). There may be different needs addressed at each branch. The proposed structure of this one-time general meeting is that there are questions posed to the participants there. Angelina would facilitate the meeting.The LAB members would be there to listen. The LAB members are asked to take notes of the discussions in small groups (6-8 people, for example) to gather information.This data will be used to help make the decisions on expansion.

Late April or anytime in May is the proposal for these community meetings. Data put together in June. Also an on-line survey will be available for those unable to attend meetings.


Joanne ran down all the considerable public outreach already done, before Measure Y.

Thomas noted that citizens now are more motivated to give specifics and to be heard, knowing the money is there. It’s important the libraries reach out to the citizens to register their wishes for the library system.


Suggestions for outreach: Kiwanas, Rotary, other Service organizations; info in the local water bills? Possible presentation to the City Council.  Lisa is already on the radio.


Contemplating April 13, 27 or May 11 for this meeting at our branch. This will be determined at our next meeting.


6OTHER ITEMS         An opportunity for Members to present brief factual information, respond to public comments, place items on the next agenda, or request information from the Library Commissioner, Director or Branch Manager.


February 28, Coffee with the Director, here at the SV branch

7ADJOURNED at 5:10.


Minutes submitted by Bethany Wilson, Secretary  


NEXT MEETING:  THURSDAY, March 9, 2017, 4:00 P.M.

Sonoma Valley Library, Forum Room

Thursday, February 16, 2017
4:00pm - 5:00pm
Sonoma Valley | Forum Room
Sonoma Valley Regional Library

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