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Sebastopol Library Advisory Board

Sebastopol Library Advisory Board Meeting Notes
February 1, 2017
Location: O’Reilly Media Inc., 1005 Gravenstein Hwy N. Sebastopol, CA 95472

Present: Mary Shiff, JT O’Neill, Walt Frazer, Sophia Schmidt, Nancy Dempsey, Ken Neiman (SCL Chief Financial Officer), Angelina Cacioppo (SCL Community Engagement Coordinator), Mathew Rose (Sebastopol Regional Library), Helena Whistler (Library Commissioner), Sue Fujita (Friends of Sebastopol Library), Ralph Johnson (LAB Applicant).

I. Mary Shiff, Chair, called the meeting to order at 4:05 pm. The Agenda and Minutes from December 7, 2016, were approved with corrections. Ralph Johnson was introduced as a LAB applicant.

II. Public Comment: none.

III. Announcements: The City of Sebastopol Councilmember appointee to the Library Advisory Board is Michael Carnacchi.

Va. Commissioner Report: Helena Whistler encouraged the LAB to make a presentation to the Library Commission and discussed how the Library Commission would like better communication between the Commission and the LABs. Public input is important. Recruitments for roughly 30 staff positions are occurring. Over 500 applications were received and there will be about 100 interviews. The Facilities Master Plan is in progress and looking to be approved in March. An Oversight Committee for Measure Y is in the works. Many projects and advocacy efforts are also being developed.

Vb. Director Report: Ken Neiman reported on behalf of the Library Director: The Budget for increased staffing and the 2017/2018 fiscal year are being developed. The 17/18 budget will be the first full fiscal year with Measure Y funding. More open hours are being discussed. A new HR Manager is starting next week. The Cloverdale Regional Library reopened in December after a refresh. Finishing touches are still being made. The Santa Rosa Northwest Regional Library is next up for the refresh treatment and the beginning stages are being assessed; more funds may change the scope of work. The Library is seeking additional office space for non-public service personnel and trucks. Mr. Neiman introduced Angelina Cacioppo, Community Engagement Coordinator. She has been tasked with developing partnerships, grants, community conversations, and marketing.

Vc. City Liaison Report: No report.

Vd. Youth Report: Sophia Schmidt reported that Library events geared to teens are shared at the Tuesday and Thursday announcements and school newspaper. Ms. Schmidt and Kiana Rosen, with school librarian Rosalie Abbott, advocate for attendance at library events and student’s visiting the library: they notify teachers of events that my enhance the school curriculum and encourage attendance.

Ve. Branch Manager Report: Mathew Rose shared information on the recruitment for staff at the Sebastopol Regional Library to expand open hours, as well as the children’s library vacancy. Mr. Rose asked if the LAB members had strong preferences for the library to participate in the Apple Blossom Festival this year, citing the expansion of hours, new staff being oriented during the Festival, and the lack of staff currently on board to plan and prepare as reasons to skip this year’s festival might be
preferred. The LAB provided feedback that with so much going on, the library conducting a booth at the Apple Blossom Festival might be a low priority. Mr. Rose shared that he, his wife, and daughter are excited to be welcoming a new baby girl sometime in June.

Vf. Friends of the Sebastopol Library Report: Sue Fujita reported that the Friends of Sebastopol Library earned $4400 at the Winter Book Sale. The next sale will take place in May. The Friends of Sebastopol Library are seeing success in selling books online through Walt Frazer’s efforts.

Vg. LANTERN Report: Mr. Rose and Ms. Whistler reported that LANTERN met with Library Administration and discussed how best to proceed. A consultant may be retained to assist in fundraising. LAB members iterated the importance of keeping the City of Sebastopol involved. Questions of the Facilities Master Plan were asked: Sebastopol has a high priority listing as in need of remodel/expansion. Does that mean money will be set aside to address the recommendations of the Facilities Master Plan? Mr. Neiman replied that Measure Y doesn’t earmark any money for buildings – expansion and building walls for libraries is the responsibility of cities, the county, others.

IV. Community Forum: Ms. Cacioppo shared her role in setting up Community Conversations regarding library hours. Monday and Wednesday hours are already set at 10:00 am – 9:00 pm. Community input is being sought on what other hours would help meet community needs. There will be an online feedback form, as well as in person community conversations. Mr. Neiman discussed the issue of advertising: how to reach out and communicate with the public. Ideas on that issue were shared: mailers, newspapers, be more engaging on the website, letters to the editor, articles in the Gazette. The Community Forum was arranged to take place on April 5 at 5:00 pm. The regular LAB meeting will take place at 4:00 pm and include the community forum. Ms. Cacioppo will facilitate by making small groups and designating table leaders to guide discussion and take notes. Questions will be provided for each group. The questions will be holistic/behavioristic in nature, avoiding open ended and soft hypothetical questions of what open hours are preferred. The questions will be more about when would individuals use their library and how time to visit the library fits within daily, weekly, monthly activities. The community forum will include questions about services: what services can be added, enhanced, sunset. Nancy Dempsey moved, JT O’Neill seconded, to allocate $200 of the LAB budget toward hosting the community forum. The motion was approved.

VI. Additional Comment: None.
VII. Agenda Items for Next Regular Meeting:
Community Forum
VIII. Adjourned: 5:10 pm
Reported by Mathew Rose

Wednesday, February 1, 2017
4:00pm - 6:00pm
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