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Sonoma Library Advisory Board Meeting

The Sonoma Valley Advisory Board meets at 4:00.

The public is welcome to attend!

Minutes from the January 12 meeting:

Sonoma County Library


Minutes of the SVLAB meeting

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sonoma Valley Regional Library, Forum Room

                755 West Napa Street Sonoma, CA 95476


Present: Janice Chadwin, Janice Stites, Julia Hart, Ken Brown, Laurell Meredith, Bethany Wilson; Lisa Musgrove, SV Library Manager; Commissioner Thomas Haeuser: David Cook, City Council Liaison; Marge Thomas, Friends of the Library Secretary; Kiyo Okazaki, Sonoma Library.  Absent: Barbara Hall, Joanne Sanders. 

Quorum in attendance? Yes.

1           CALL TO ORDER at 4PM. Ken Brown facilitates the meeting as our vice-president.

2           REPORTS Reports and updates on library governance, management, programs, services and support group activities as well as relevant City Council activities. All items are for discussion only.

2.1         Commissioner’s Report  /Thomas Haeuser

Overview of the Facilities Plan presented. Tom had a hardcopy in hand. 

Presented update on planning for the $$ the bond brings: still planning to open libraries on Mondays, and planning what to do next.

Meanwhile, there is the need to purchase more trucks to move more books. Also, the Library will be renting space for more office space and storage to take on the expansion.

Noted the Library is currently borrowing money because the bond funds do not come in until July. 

Noted that the Commissioners get their agendas and support documents via email, which can be shared with the LAB, and if we want to email Tom regarding particular topics we should.  (This opened discussion later on whether the LAB may want to change its meeting day in order to accommodate our feedback to the Commissioner on any item on their agenda.)

Also, there is a dedicated agenda placeholder for any LAB member to address the Commission at its regular meetings.  


2.2         Library Director’s Report  / Kiyo Okazaki for Brett Lear

Recruiting has started on 35 new part-time positions. More than 200 applicants.

Storms closed some branches due to safety (road closures).


2.3         Branch Manager’s Report / Lisa Musgrove

Job application ends tomorrow (1/13/2017).

Attended the Commissioners meeting Monday.

Also noted that the LAB has a dedicated agenda item to appear before the Commission.

Articles in local media have been positive and frequent. Lisa has been on the radio, and the library has been in the local newspapers. 


Members also noted that the Sonoma County Library has also been featured prominently in the Press Democrat, positively.


2.4         Friends’ Report / Secretary Marge Thomas.  See the Friends’ meeting minutes for more information.

The Friends have been reviewing their goals and mission, in light of the LAB doing so. The Friends reviewed their 2016 budget: $20,000 allocated to the library, and not yet spent.

The mini-booksale in January, selling fiction only, resulted in 52% of books sold.

Next sale is February 8-10.

Kate Carney, a long-time member and supporter of FOL, passed away and her funeral is being held January 21 @ 12:00 at St. Leo’s Church (Note: the Sassarini School Library was renamed and dedicated to Kate Carney in the early 2000s.  Kate was the school librarian there for many years).

2.5         City Council Liaison Report   (Dave Cook)

Kathy Capriola started January 9 as the City Manager.


3           APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF THE December 8 2016 MEETING –Amended to show that Julia Hart was not in attendance. Moved and approved by all in favor. None opposed.


4           PUBLIC APPEARANCES OR LETTERS                An opportunity for members of the public to address the Library Advisory Board; times are limited at the Chair’s discretion. None


5           DISCUSSION ITEMS         A look at the by-laws

We had hard copies of the bylaws and started to read and discuss whether any changes were prudent. We got through approximately half of the two-page document before 5PM and have these recommendations to be discussed and reviewed again at the next meeting, in February, (when our President Joann Sanders is present). The plan is to adopt changes as ACTION at the March meeting.


Delete the “MEMBERSHIP” article that follows “PURPOSE OF THE ORGANIZATION” and move “MEMBERSHIP” article found at the end of the document to this position.


“TIME AND PLACE OF REGULAR MEETINGS” –proposal to change our meeting time from “second” Thursday to “last” Thursday.  This is proposed to accommodate a timeline of receiving info of the Commissioners’ agenda items and giving us/LAB an opportunity to discuss and offer feedback in a timely manner. This is a big change and we want to be sure all members can accommodate this schedule change. 

Noted we can give feedback to the Commissioner individually through email, or through the Board.




Other changes: we deleted the numbers that were found randomly in the document. There may be a need to retype this document so it exists in a format that can be reformatted. Lisa had to cut-and-paste this document for us.


We noted that a Quorum exists when there are 5 members present.


We need to start anew with looking at the article “CHAIR” at our February meeting.



6          OTHER ITEMS      An opportunity for Members to present brief factual information, respond to public comments, place items on the next agenda, or request information from the Library Commissioner, Director or Branch Manager.

Next meeting, we will continue to discuss and propose amendments to the By-Laws, and we plan on voting on the amended By-Laws at the March meeting (ACTION ITEM).

7           ADJOURNED at 5 PM.


Minutes submitted by Bethany Wilson, Secretary.  Bethany.wilson@comcast.net


NEXT MEETING: THURSDAY, February 16, 4:00 P.M.


Please submit absences to Lisa Musgrove via email: lmusgrove@sonoma.lib.ca.us



Thursday, January 12, 2017
4:00pm - 5:00pm
Sonoma Valley | Forum Room
Sonoma Valley Regional Library

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