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CANCELED: Saturday Crafternoon: Paint Party!

CANCELED: Saturday Crafternoon: Paint Party!

The August Paint Party! will offer July's painting options as well as those advertised for August; however, it will be adults (16 & up) only, as advised at June's event and in the updated calendar descriptions. A new Family Art program will be introduced shortly. If you are interested in the Family Art program (very similar to the current Paint Party! but geared specifically toward families with children of all ages), please inquire at either the Adult or Children's Services Desks or by calling 707-763-9801.

If you have even an ounce of creative spark yearning to be set free, this is the event for you! Join us for a free, guided painting party. We provide all the materials and as much instruction as you wish to listen to. Follow along or choose your own daring deviations. Select one of two finished scenes (see below) and watch your masterpiece come to life! Or, use one of our other provided images and inspiration, or bring something from home, and go your own way. Designed for even those who have never held a paint brush to succeed, you have nothing to fear except how much you'll want to keep painting!

For our 2017 Summer Reading theme of "Build a Better World" at home, in the community, and in the world, we have "Hot Air Adventure" and "Wonderful World" to remind you to think locally and globally.

As always, you can change the color schemes, add or remove details, and make this art your own!

We will try to have space and materials for as many people who show up BUT if you sign up (below) we can guarantee your seat and materials. (Please sign up - it helps us purchase last-minute canvases if necessary!)
This program is for
adults ONLY ages 16 and up.
A new Family Art program will be announced shortly.

Saturday, July 22, 2017
1:00pm - 3:30pm
Petaluma - Teen Space
Petaluma Regional Library
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